RPG Maker VX: New Character Sets

RPG Maker VX: New Character Sets
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RPG Maker VX

RPG Maker VX is a software developed by Enterbrain, a Japanese magazine publisher based in Tokyo. RPG Maker VX allows just about anyone to create their own RPG games reminiscent of the classics of the SNES such as Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior.

There is unfortunately very little documentation to be found about the software itself and how to use it. This series of articles aim to provide simple, easy to use tutorials or resources so that newcomers can learn how to use RPG Maker VX to its full potential.

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RPG Maker VX New Character Sets

In this article, I would like to share some new character sets for RPG Maker VX. This will allow users not to be limited to the default RTP characters by importing the art available here into their game.

The artist in the spotlight today is まひろ (ma-hi-ro) and his website Insomnia. Although not very well known in occidental communities, the art available on the insomnia website is nothing short of amazing.

Here’s a gallery of what to expect on the website.

Note: All of the pictures have been watermarked just in case as some authors prefer to have users visit their website or blog to download their creations. All of the links to the art and a navigating guide has been provided later on in the article however.

RPG Maker VX New Character Sets

Downloding the Art and Navigating the Website (RPG Maker VX New Character Sets)

First of all, you’ll need to click the following link to access the website: RPG Maker VX New Character Sets.

This will take you to the Insomnia website. Once you’re there, look on the right hand side of the blog to find the menu. All you need to do is to click on the “MATERIAL” tab as indicated in the picture below:


Keep in mind that there are numerous pages of art available. In order to access the other pages, scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll find a “next page” button (次のページ) which you’ll need to click. It’s a little bit hard to find so here’s a picture to give you a better idea as to what it looks like. Here’s a picture to give you a better idea as to what it looks like.


Tileset Generator

In this article, I introduce a tileset generator for RPG Maker VX. Thanks to this generator, it is possible to create all sorts of roofs for the houses and homes of your game.

A Brand New Character Generator

Thanks to this generator, you’ll be able to generate hundreds of different kinds of characters for your game.

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