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    • Naval Combat Guide for East India Company
      The real time naval warfare in East India Company can be difficult to get the hang of so here is a guide to help you win those battles at sea.
    • Blitzkrieg PC Game as a Test of WWII Blitzkrieg Concepts
      How effective was the blitzkrieg in World War 2? Seventy years after the war, it is difficult to assess the question without getting bogged down in historical debate. But as far as PC games go, Blitzkrieg is sufficiently realistic that it can give some idea to a curious student of military history
    • Escaping the Doomed Planet in Earth 2150
      Earth 2150 is one of the few real time strategy games to have come out of Europe. It was innovative in allowing the gamer to maintain units between missions and in providing the player with a hard deadline by which time a sufficient amount of resources had to have been stored in order to win.
    • Frozen Synapse: Advanced Tips and Tactics
      New players to Frozen Synapse may need some help understanding the basics, but even more experienced players can always stuff some new tricks up their sleeve. In this manual we’ll review some more difficult strategies.
    • Frozen Synapse: The Guide for New Players
      Although it’s not the most difficult turn-based game ever release, Frozen Synapse can still be a bit confusing for newbies. In this guide we’ll discuss the basic so that any new player can start enjoying the campaign and beat a few multiplayer opponents!
    • Review: Still Life 2 - An Intriguing Quest with a Deep Story Line
      Fear is caused by the unknown and according to a popular theory – every fear is connected to the fear of death, since death is indeed the unknown. Is this true? Still Life 2 certainly makes a good case.
    • Time Gentlemen, Please! Review
      The sequel to Ben There, Dan That! is back in Time Gentlemen, Please!, another hilarious adventure with time traveling consequences, filled with bizarre characters and silly plot twists.
    • Europa Universalis III Cheats
      Here are some cheats for the PC version of ‘Europa Universalis III’, which should hopefully make your gaming easier.
    • DOTA Review
      Defense of the Ancients is certainly a MOBA trendsetter in various ways, particularly for its immersive gameplay and a huge roster of heroes to choose from. Although the mod has a steep learning curve, players will find help from the official DoTA website various online communities.
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