Exoplanet War Guides: Exoplanet War Structures Guide

Exoplanet War Guides: Exoplanet War Structures Guide
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Main Base and Core Control

The main base allows you to upgrade and build other structures in the game. The base also gives you the commanders that you currently are using within the game. Having a high-level base can also reduce the building time of your other structures. The core control is where you control your armies. You can setup your armies through the core control and assign commanders for infantry, air power or land units. From the core control, you can also launch attacks on other players. Build the fortress to manage your base defensive structures and repair them once damaged.

Power Structures

Exoplanet War

Your base has several structures that provide power. You need power for structure upgrading and the maintenance of your units in the game. The geothermal building is your first power source you’ll need. Be sure to continue to upgrade this building so you have enough power early on in the game. The radiation reactor also provides you wit power and for each level, you’ll need to build a satellite in orbit to draw power into your base. Xeno is another power source and you’ll need a Xeno extractor, a Xeno repository, and a Xeno assimilator to use this vital power resource. You won’t start using Xeno until you get low on regular power. These special structures can help provide immense power to your growing base and armies.

Military Buildings

In Exoplanet War, you have three main, military structures to work with. In the barracks, you can pick the offensive and defensive troops to use for your armies. The Gaia factory produces the vehicles for your army but also special vehicles such as a transport and vehicles for colonization. The air fleet core provides aircraft for your armies and special air vehicles such as the research ship, satellite and recon drones.

Alliances and Trade

The embassy allows you to create your own alliance or join an existing one in the game. Search through the alliance lists to find one you like and click join and wait for the team to respond to your request. The trade center provides a place to buy and sell vital resources. You’ll need plenty of cargo vehicles to complete large trades so build those first before trying to make trades.

Resource Structures and Technology

Resource mines include metal, aqueous, and gem. Each of these structures helps provide resources for your colonies. Be sure to upgrade them to high levels to max out the resources you can receive. Each resource also has its own storage facility to hold any extra resources you mine and don’t use right away. Having a resources cache structure protects your resources from attacks. Upgrade this structure to hold more resources and keep them safe. Build the research academy to conduct research and help to improve your economy, military and other areas of your colony.


Enjoy Exoplanet War the game if fun and there’s lots of neat structures to build. Be sure to watch your power as you need plenty in the game to keep your base operating.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Exoplanet War on Facebook.