Browser MMO Games: Exoplanet War Review

Browser MMO Games: Exoplanet War Review
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Exoplanet War Game Basics (3 out of 5)

Exoplanet War is a RTS war game you can play through your browser. The game functions like many others in this category of browser game you develop a base with resources, technology, different buildings, defenses, and armies, to conquer your enemies. In this game, you have five main resources including metal, energy, gem, Aqueous, and Xeno. Buildings in the game require resources to build and some require specific technology that is researched in a lab. As you gain more technology, you’ll unlock new structures and military units to use in the expansion of your empire. Players can join alliances and fight with others for control of the game map. Choose from three races the Gaians, Zubens, or Neckrons. Premium game items in the game store are available to enhance certain areas of your game for cash by using PayPal or other services.

Base Construction (3 out of 5)

Exoplanet War

You have several different structures for your base including defenses such as missiles and batteries. You have storage structures for your resources as well as resource mines. A geothermal power planet provides the power necessary for your base to run. The main base is your town center and by upgrading this building, you’ll unlock new structures and allow for faster building construction. The research lab is used to unlock different technologies to help with your base expansion. Through the core control structure you can set up armies to attack the players on the game map.

Military Units (4 out of 5)

The game features many different units you can use such as foot soldiers, tanks, and air ships each faction gets eight military units to use in the game. There are also several civilian units for you to use too. Civilian units include resource transporters and vehicles for colony invasions. Use the research lab to unlock new structures to build all the units in the game. Upgrading your main base will also help you unlock different structures to aid in your miitary unit construction.

Graphics/Sound (3 out of 5)

Exoplanet War

Exoplanet War features no sound but the graphics in the game are well done. There are no combat animations but the buildings, map and other graphics in the game are nice. The main base area does get quite crowded with all the structures and it could use a bit more room so you can find things easier. The game could use a soundtrack or other basic sounds to make it more interesting. Many browser games are now adding sound and this really adds to the game play.

Interface (4 out of 5)

Exoplanet War

Exoplanet War has a nice clean interface that is easy to work with as you play. The main areas of the game are features with tabs at the top of the page such as your colony, game map, statistics, and the game store. You’ll also find easy links to your mail, missions, and ranking. Some browser games features small hard to find or recognize tabs but this game has a great interface in that regard. The map is also well done and scrolls easily. You can view a world map or the middle map that shows where you are with other players around you. The interface of this game makes it a pleasure to play since everything is easy to access and labeled well.

Game Play/Multiplayer (3 out of 5)

Exoplanet War features much of the same game play as other RTS browser games. It takes time to construct buildings, make units and research technology. Due to this fact, the game can be slow going especially in the beginning stages of your game so it might not be for everyone. For players who like to develop things slowly the game might be appealing. There are enough units, technology, and structures to keep most people entertained for some time. You should join an alliance to learn more about he game and for protection from aggressive players as you build up your base. Some players might want to start their own alliance.


Exoplanet war is recommended if you like war style browser games on par with game such as Evony but with a more sci-fi theme. Be sure to join an alliance and upgrade your buildings as you play. Read the forums, make use of the game wiki, and do quests to learn all you can about the game.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Exoplanet War.