Browser Game Guides: Exoplanet War Gaian Military Units

Browser Game Guides: Exoplanet War Gaian Military Units
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Gaian Military Units – Infantry


Trooper – these are the offensive attack forces of the Gaian military. Only use these troops for attack purposes. These troops are fast but lack the brute strength of the other races in the game. They use low energy masking them ideal to use in the early stages of your game.

Platoon – These troops are the defensive units of the Gaians. They can repel attacks by both land and air but they are slow to move. They should be used in defensive operations and not on the attack.

Gaian Military Units – Vehicles

Exoplanet War

Siege Tank – This unit is the basic defensive vehicle available to the Gaians. While the unit is quite slow it offers a good defense for your colony. They consume low levels of energy and make for a great early vehicle for your colony.

Rhino – This tank is a special defense anti-air unit for the Gaians. They are used to protect your colony from air assaults. They require low energy to operate making them perfect for base defense. These tanks cannot attack ground units.

Dimension – This vehicle is a very powerful land unit for the Gaians. They provide high land defense but consume large volumes of energy and resources.

Striker – This is the offensive tank of the Gaian Military. They move fast and can transport large volumes of resources after an attack making them perfect for hit and run. They pack great offensive power but at the expense of large energy needs making them useless in defensive operations.

Titan – This special colony tank is useful for colony invasion. These units can take down base defenses but they are costly to build in the game.

T**actical Port –**This vehicle can help to reduce a colony’s stability and can help to establish a new colony one the enemy has been conquered due to low stability.

Chimera – This unit is a cargo vehicle useful for transporting resources between colonies and allies in the game.

Gaian Military Units - Air

Median – This is the offensive aircraft for the Gaians. It can attack both air and land units as well as carry plenty of resources making it perfect for raids.

Limbo – This is an offensive aircraft and can carry large volumes of resources. The main drawback is its need for energy.

Falcon – This defensive aircraft is quite fast and resists both air and land units making it perfect to defend a colony. The unit does use a fair amount of energy.

Phoenix – This defensive aircraft can target land units but cannot attack air units in the game but uses little energy in the game. This aircraft is great to counter a large land-based assault force.

Recon Drone – Used to spy on enemy colonies.

Research Ship – this aircraft helps the colony with research points. The more ships you have the greater your research point collection. This ship has limited defensive capabilities.

Solaris – This is a satellite used to harvest energy. Upgrade your radiation reactor to use more Solaris satellites.


Enjoy Exoplanet War and take it slowly as you learn the game. Be sure to visit the forums and join an alliance to get the most out of this great RTS browser based war game.


All images from Exoplanet War.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Exoplanet War.