Browser Games: Exoplanet War Game Guide

Browser Games: Exoplanet War Game Guide
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Exoplanet War Game Economy

Like many RTS strategy browser games, the economy of your game is a vital part of your success or failure. One of the first things you need to do is create a solid economic foundation so you have enough resources to construct all the different military units in the game. With Exoplanet War, you have five vital resources, metal, energy, gem, aqueous, and Xeno. Some resources like Xeno will take extra technology before they are fully accessible to you in the game. Be sure to build plenty of resource plots, upgrade them, and unlock more plots in the research lab so your economy can run smoothly. Build storage facilities to hold your excess resources and a resource cache to save a pe4rcentage of your resources from capture from enemies. Be sure to upgrade your resource cache to the highest levels possible to ensure enough resources to work with even after you are attacked which will allow you to get running again without waiting for resources to replenish, be sure to sue the trade center for resources you need.

Research Lab

Exoplanet War

To conduct research in the lab you’ll need research points. These points will accumulate slowly over time. Be sure to spend your initial points on economic upgrades since you need the strong economy before focusing on your military. Select the technologies from colony development to get your economy running well and then concentrate on getting technologies for land and air units. The defensive strategy technology is another one to concentrate on since it will improve the defense of your troops, which can help if you’re facing many attacks on your city.


The game has two main power sources the radiation reactor and the geothermal plant. Geothermal power is fine to start buy you’ll want to get radiation as soon as possible. Be sure to have enough power or your military units will leave your city. Once you build the air fleet core, you can construct satellites for energy purposes. Be sure to upgrade the radiation technology so you can produce more satellites in the game. Producing Xeno can also improve the energy production of your city so research that technology and get the associate buildings for it as soon as possible. Xeno is a special type of energy that can help support very large armies, which you’ll need in the later game stages.

Military Units

Exoplanet War

The game features three types of military units including infantry, mechanical, and airpower. For each of the three types there are two classes the defensive units and the offensive units. To protect your base you’ll want strictly defensive units but to attack others on the game map you’ll need offensive units. Infantry units will require a barracks; land units will require a Gaia factory while air units require a air fleet core. There are special units such as satellites for power and units for colonization, as well as resources in the game. Use the core control structure to send your units for attacks and to organize your armies.


Exoplanet War features several different commanders you can use. The influence commander will help your economy run better and you can assign one in your main base for that operation. Land units such as infantry, and tanks have both a defensive commander and an offensive commander that can be assigned to lead the various armies. Be sure you have an offensive commander when attacking and your defensive commander when repelling attacks leading your army. Use the commander limit technology in the research lab to unlock more spots for commanders in your armies. Be sure to separate your armies into different groups so you have defensive infantry commanders with your men and vehicle commanders with your tanks. You can do this in the core control building.


It is up to you to take full advantage of the various misisons in the game. As you do mission you’ll gain valuable resources you can use in the early game. These missions can help you gain a decent base quickly. The daily missions are also a great way to gain some valuable extra resources. Be sure to click on the mission once you have completed it to receive your reward. be sure to check the statistics page for valuable information about your economic production and how much energy your armies are using. These statisitics will give you a good indication of where you need improvement and when you’re going to need more energy so plan accordingly.


This guide covers the very basics of Exoplanet War. Be sure to check the website, visit the game forums and join an alliance so you can learn more more experienced players. Enjoy Exoplanet War it’s a great RTS war game you can play in your web browser.