Starcraft 2 Single Player Walkthrough: The Rebel Missions

Starcraft 2 Single Player Walkthrough: The Rebel Missions
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You dirty rebel!

Throughout the Starcraft 2 campaign you be placed into conflict with the Dominion, the ruling government of the Terrans. You have some serious grudges to resolve with the Dominion’s leader, Acturus Minsk. Let’s take a look at the Rebel missions in Starcraft 2 so that you can stick to the emperor.

The Great Train Robbery



  • Main: Intercept Trains
  • Bonus: Locate Diamondbacks
  • Bonus: Collect defiler bone samples

Your main objective in this mission is to intercept the trains the Dominion is going to send across the map. Being trains, they can only follow certain paths, and there are three main sections of track – one north of your base, one south, and one far south that is never very close to you base.

Diamondbacks are highly recommend in this mission because they can move and shoot, making it harder for the trains to get away. Siege Tanks are also great because they have a very long range when in Siege Mode. Don’t worry about defensive structures – the Dominion doesn’t seem interested in attacking your base.

The first train will be easy to take out, as it will have no military escort. You need to be building a lot of units, however, because the Dominion can only be fooled once. The next few trains will come with military escort. The Dominion will make things harder for you by increasing the speed of rains and by sending out roving “Death Squads.” Avoid engagement where you can (unless you’re going for the Bully the Bullies achievement) and clean up the trains. Once you’ve taken out eight the mission will end.

The bonus objectives can be taken by a small group of units at your leisure. They’re located on bluffs around your base. Be careful to avoid Dominion units while searching.


Starcraft 2 Rebel Missions


  • Main: Buy merc contract before Orlan
  • Bonus: Find protoss relics

This is an interesting one. The goal of this mission is to collect 6,000 minerals so that you can buy a contract with a big group of mercs on the south of the map. Your opponent, Orlan, will be trying to do the same.

To win you need to move out of your base and collect valuable salvage that is located around the map. A simple, mobile Marine/Medic force is ideal for this. You are given access to vultures, but I actually don’t prefer using them because they can’t be easily healed like your Marines.

You should also mine what you can, of course, but victory comes from being aggressive. Now is a good time to learn multi-tasking – send out two groups of Marine/Medic at the same time, one to explore the northwest part of the map and the other to go south. Orlan, your opponent, has bases to the south and to the northwest. Don’t engage either. Orlan will send out forces to intercept your units that you will have to engage, but don’t attack his bases. You don’t need to do so in order to win the contract – there is plenty of salvage around.

Once you’ve won the mercenary contract you will receive a new objective.

  • Main: Destroy Orlan’s mercenary fortress

Orlan’s base is actually pretty tough. He has a lot of bunkers and siege tanks. However, the mercenary force you purchased with the contract is pretty frickin huge, so you should have no problem taking down Orlan’s base with brute force.

Engine of Destruction

Starcraft 2 Missions Guide


  • Main: Escrot Tychus to the Odin
  • Main: Tychus must survive
  • Bonus: Find devourer tissue samples

This is a linear mission that starts with Tychus and a small group of units hi-jacking the experimental Odin mech. This early linear section is simple and doesn’t require that you use much strategy beyond ensuring that your units are all target-firing the same enemy.

Once you’ve hi-jacked the Odin things really get going. You’ll receive a new objective and access to a base.

  • Main: Destroy all Dominion bases

This mission still remains fairly linear. Tychus can’t figure out the comms, so he is going to blow forward through the Dominion bases. Your mission is to the Odin alive while it goes around stomping opponents. Doing this doesn’t require much. The Odin’s only real weakness is anti-air, so you’ll need to provide the Odin with some defenses. The Wraith (unlocked for this mission) is a good choice, as is simple Marine/Medic. You’ll also want to trail the Odin with SCVs and repair it between base-stompings.

As you’d expect, the bases become harder to stomp as the mission progresses. The first two are so easy that the Odin can take them on alone. The last three, however, are tougher. Still, if you’ve been constantly producing Wraiths and Marine/Medic to assist the Odin you should not have any issues.

As you head to the fourth base you will receive a bonus objective.

  • Bonus: Find and destroy the Loki.

The Loki is a large flying unit being developed by the Dominion. You can’t hijack this, so you need to blow it up. It is located north of the fourth base. It will try to fly away, so you’ll have to use Wraiths to kill it before it gets away.

Once you’ve stomped the last base the mission ends.

Media Blitz

Starcraft Campaign Rebel Missions


  • Main: Destroy Dominion during surprise attack

You’ve hijacked the Odin. Now it is time to put it to use. The Dominion bases apparently failed to send a distress call because they still think the Odin is their new experimental weapon, and so they’ve kindly let you place it in the middle of a parade in a major Dominion city. Time to have fun!

The first part of the mission consists of stomping as many Dominion units and structures as possible. There are three bases – one to the north, one to the northwest, and one to the east. They are caught off-guard and have limited defenses, but you only have a limited amount of time to inflict damage with the Odin. You should be able to destroy one base and damage a second before the Dominion forces activate and you have to retreat. Each base has its specialty (air, armor or light/infantry) so prioritize the base that represents the threat you least like to deal with.

After the timer is over you are given a base in the south and new objectives.

  • Main: Capture Broadcast Towers (3)

You need to transmit a signal using media towers in the area. There are three – one in each Dominion base. At this point the game is a straightforward 1v1. The Dominion will attempt to attack you using whatever resources you did not destroy with the Odin. You’ll have to defeat them and work your way towards the broadcast towers.

You’ll be given access to Thors this mission, and they’re a great offensive unit. You can just create an army of six or eight Thors and use them as your offense. Your defense can be provided by a few siege tanks and Marine/Medic infantry. Bunkers are actually difficult to use because your base is wide open, so you may just want to keep your Marine/Medic force mobile.

Once you’ve forced your ways towards the third broadcast tower the mission will end.

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