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Starcraft II Single-Player Walkthrough Part 1: Mar Sara Missions

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Three of the campaign missions in Starcraft 2 take place on Mar Sara, a barren planet on the outskirts of space. This walkthrough will help you complete the missions "Liberation Day," "The Outlaws," and "Zero Hour."

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    Mission: Liberation Day

    Starcraft 2 Walkthrough The first mission in this walkthrough is also the first mission in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Your objectives are:

    • Main: Destroy the logistics headquarters
    • Main: Raynor must survive
    • Bonus: Destroy Dominion Holoboards

    You start the mission with a small squad of marines and Raynor in the bottom left hand corner of the map. This mission is fairly linear, so simply follow the road forward. You will run into several groups of Dominion Marines, but you'll outnumber them. The road will curve upwards as you reach the east side of the map, and here you'll reach your first Mengsk Holoboard. Destroy it before you continue north. You'll run into another holoboard and little more resistance.

    As you curve back towards the middle of the map you'll run into a big fight in the middle of a large, empty lot. Some friendly drop pods will arrive and Marines will spew out. Be sure to move forward quickly, as far more friendly Marines will survive this fight if your own squad is on the task.

    There are several other holoboards here - one to the southeast, one to the west, and another to the north.

    Starcraft 2 Campaign Guide Now head north up the road. You'll run into a Dominion truck rounding up civilians. Kill the guards and the nearby holoboard, then continue along the road. Just a few meters ahead is a village full of civilians who will join your cause. They'll begin shooting Dominion targets and heading northeast with you towards the Dominion headquarters. At this point, you can basically put yourself on auto-pilot - the civilians combined with your Marines will easily rip into the lightly guarded Dominion base and destroy the HQ.

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    Mission: The Outlaws

    Objective are as follows:

    • Main: Destroy the Dominion Base
    • Bonus: Rescue the rebels

    This is another early mission, but now you have a base! Select your SCVs and start mining. You can build more SCVs, as well, and indeed you'll want to build more so that you can build a refinery and start harvesting Vespene Gas. You also start with a small group of six Marines. Upgrade your Barracks with a Tech Lab (to build Medics) and build another Barracks when possible. Then start pumping out a combo of Marines and Medics (I prefer one Medic for every 4 Marines).

    Starcraft 2 Single Player Soon after the mission begins you'll receive word that some rebels to the west are under attack. Once you have a force of about ten Marines you can begin heading in that direction. You'll have to head north along the map, then back southwest. You'll run into some resource crates while on your way - be sure to pick them up. Also be sure to keep an eye on your units and engage any Dominion forces you encounter along the way.

    Once you're at the rebel base you'll have to kill a few Dominion infantry before you can move in. The rebels will join you once you've secured the base. They have an extra Barracks as well, so you can really start pumping out the units.

    At this point you simply need to mass a large enough force to attack the base in the northwest. The base is covered by a few bunkers and misc. Dominion units. A 30 strong Marine-Medic force should be able to handle it. Be sure to attack the bunkers and offensive units first, then the factories, then everything else. When the base is completely dead, you win!

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    Mission: Zero Hour

    This is one of the tougher early missions. You simply need to survive. Your objects are:

    • Main: Hold out for Evacuation
    • Bonus: Rescue Rebels

    Once the mission begins you should immediately save for a Refinery and build a number of SCVs. You're going to need a good flow or resources so that you can build new units. You'll already have some Marines and bunkers at the beginning of the mission - stick the Marines and bunkers and build more Marines/Medics when possible.

    You'll need to set up base defenses throughout the mission. I highly suggest grouping your bunkers in pairs. Place a pair at each bridge and a pair at the top of the ramp. Some of these bunkers are already built, but if they are destroyed, rebuild them ASAP. Speaking of which, you should have one SCV stationed at each pair of bunkers. These SCVs can repair the bunkers, greatly increasing their lifespan.

    sc2walkthrough5 There are three groups of rebels that need to be saved throughout the mission. The first appears in the northeast side of the map. This small group of rebels is fairly close, so you can rescue them with a force of about eight or ten Marines. Once you've rescued them, head straight back to base.

    You'll have to endure numerous rounds of Zerg in the meantime. Remember, keep your SCVs around to repair the bunkers. Also, make sure you're constantly pumping out units. Build more Barracks as necessary - I suggest three in total.

    A second group of rebels will contact you. This group is in the north. Take a group of about twenty Marine/Medics and head in their direction. More Zerg will be in your way than last time, so proceed carefully. The Medics should keep your Marines from dying from attrition. You'll have to manage attacks against your base during this time as well, so make sure a reserve force is kept at base.

    The final group of rebels will ask for your help. They are in the far north-northwest. You're going to need a fairly large force, the same size as last time or larger, to reach them. You also still need reserves. In this case, however, you want to act quickly - you're coming towards the end of the mission. Grab the rebels and head back to base ASAP.

    SC2 Walkthrough As the mission comes towards the end a huge group of Zerg will begin to advance. If you want to hold them back as much as possible, I suggest building more bunkers and using about half of your SCVs to help repair them. Still, this will only matter for a short time because Zerg spores will eventually begin to land in your base. Do the best you can and wait for the timer to run out.