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Starcraft 2 Walkthrough Part 2: Colonist Missions

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Raynor, the colonists - and a hot scientist chick - need your help! This article will guide you through the Colonist missions in Starcraft 2.

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    Starcraft 2: Colonists Mission Walkthrough

    The Colonist missions focus on the life and plight of a number of colonists lead by Doctor Hanson. These colonists are simply normal people trying to live their lives, and but they keep getting caught up in the middle of an intergalactic war. Without your protection, they're toast. This guide will help you through the Colonist missions.

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    The Evacuation

    Starcraft 2 Colonist Missions Mission Objectives:

    • Main: Reach Dr. Hanson's Settlement
    • Main: Escort Colonists to Colony Ship
    • Bonus: Collect Chrystallis DNA (3)

    You start this mission in command of a small force of Marines, Medics and Firebats. Dr. Hanson's settlement is to the west, so begin a march down the road. You'll run into some small Zerg groups, but they shouldn't prove much trouble - just keep your Firebats in front while your Marines and Medics bring up the rear.

    Once you reach Dr. Hanson's settlement you'll be given control of the command center and other structures there and also given an update on your mission objectives. You are now tasked with escorting colonists up the northern road to safety. There will, of course, be Zerg resistance along the way.

    You have a few minutes before the first transport leaves, so work on getting your base up and running. Build a small force of Medics, Marines and Firebats as well. Send this force along with the first transport to defend it. Along the way you'll find three choke points that are being used by the Zerg as entry points onto the road. Send an SCV up to these choke points and begin building bunkers. Three full bunkers on each choke will be sufficient as long as you keep an SCV near the bunkers to repair them. If you keep these bunkers in place, and you send a small force of Marines along with each transport to guard it, you should have no problem defending the colonists.

    Your only other objective is the Zerg Chrystallis. One will be discovered when you escort the first transport. The other two are spread across the map. One is on the far left of the map near the southern most chokepoint. The other is near the middle of the map in a small enclave that is south of the middle chokepoint. In both cases you'll encounter Zerg resistance, so you'll need to send in a force of Marines and Medics to secure it.

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    Mission ObjectivesStarcraft 2 Mission Guide 

    • Main: Cleanse the Infestation
    • Bonus: Kill the Infestors

    Ah! Zerg Zombies!

    This mission has an interesting gimmick. You start with a small, easily defended base. Your goal is the destruction of the infested Terran structures on the map, of which there are many. During the day you can take out the structures unopposed. At night, however, infested Terrans will rise and shamble towards your base in huge numbers.

    Your goal, then, is to move out quickly during the day and then hole up at night. As a result you'll probably want to build two different forces. One will be a basic force of Marines and Firebats. These guys can head out during the day, but they mostly exist to hold up in bunkers during the night and defend. The second force will be very mobile, most likely consisting just of Hellions. These guys will go out and destroy structures rapidly during the day.

    On the second night you'll be given a bonus objective - destroy the Infestors. These guys only show up at night and don't come near your base. You'll need to use your Hellions to run out and kill them. Don't bother with other units - just kill the Infestors. You will take causalities, but you should have plenty of resources for more.

    Once all the infested structures are dead you win the mission. Easy as pie.

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    Safe Haven

    At the beginning of this mission you are given a moral choice to either help the Terrans or the Protoss. Safe Haven is the mission that results from the choice to help the Terrans.

    Starcraft 2 Colonist Mission Walkthrough Mission Objectives

    • Main: Destroy the Protoss Nexus (3)
    • Bonus: Stop the Terror Fleets (3)

    The Protoss fleet has arrived to purify the colony with a big bad-ass mothership. You have to stop it, but before you can you need to take out three Protoss Nexus buildings.

    You'll need to work quickly in this mission. Start out building a Marines/Medic ground force and some Vikings for air support. Also be sure to build plenty of SCVs and make use of all your available Vespene Gas, because the Viking is an expensive unit. The closest Nexus is just a short walk away and it can be challenged once you have a ground force of about twenty Marine/Medic and some Vikings. The Vikings can land in order to target ground units if you find that your force has too much anti-air and not enough ground-pounders.

    After you've taken out the first Nexus you'll soon be informed that a "Terror Fleet" is headed towards a nearby Colonist base. The Terror Fleet is basically just a few Protoss Carriers. Group together all of your Vikings (make sure they're flying, of course) and intercept the Carriers as quickly as possible.

    The rest of the missions is somewhat rinse-repeat. Work as quickly as possible to destroy the Nexus buildings with your ground force while your Vikings support your ground force and intercept new Terror Fleets. This mission will test your multi-tasking skills - in order to win quickly you'll have to direct two battles at the same time and also make sure your base keeps producing units.

    Once the last Nexus is down your can take on the Purifier directly. It has a Warp ability that will suck your units into another dimension temporarily, making them disappear completely. Don't worry - they're not dead, and they'll be back in a few seconds. The Purifier is tough, so be sure to hit it with everything you've got. Once its down the mission ends.

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    Haven's Fall

    SC2 Mission Guide At the beginning of this mission you are given a moral choice to either help the Terrans or the Protoss. Haven's Fall is the mission that you'll embark on if you help the Protoss.

    Mission Objectives

    • Main: Destroy the Zerg Infestestion

    If you choose to help the Protoss you'll find the colonies to be in much different shape than they're in if you choose to help the Terrans. Several colonies will already be infested by the Zerg. Your missions is to wipe out everything that looks a little Zergy.

    You're going to need a lot of Vikings in this mission, so build lots of SCVs and start harvesting as much Vespene Gas as possible. The nearest infested colony is to the northeast, and it is very small, so you can wipe it out with your starting units.

    The rest of the mission is not as easy. There are two colonies already infested when the mission starts and four that are not. You'll have to scout to find all of the un-infested colonies. Throughout the mission the Zerg will try to infest a colony by setting up a virophage. if this manages to reach full charge the colony it is in will become infested, further increasing the forces your face. However, you can stop the infestation by destroying the virophage.

    This is why Vikings are important. You can fly them to a colony that is being infested, land them to stop the virophage, and then move on. However, you'll also need a strong ground force to win, because the northern infested colony is heavily defended. Once all infested colonies are destroyed the mission ends.