KoTOR II and Vista: Compatibility Issues Explained & Solved

KoTOR II and Vista: Compatibility Issues Explained & Solved
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KoTOR II and Vista: Compatibility Issues Explained

Perhaps a marked fallacy with PC games in general, is the systemically updated software & hardware that is consistently released, leaving older titles with incompatibility issues and the like. This has never been more prevalent than when Microsoft released their updated Vista operating system in 2007. Many games were affected by this and the ensuing workarounds and solutions enabled people making the jump over to the newer OS to play their favourite PC games of years past.

After already looking into compatibility issues with Knights of The Old Republic and the Windows Vista OS, its time to look at the sequel, assessing the solution on how to get KoTOR II and Vista to collude together. This article, like the KoTOR one preceding it, looks into the the compatibility of KoTOR II and Vista while trying to outline the specific steps required in order to get it working.

KoTOR II and Vista: Solutions To The Problem

The first steps require the KoTOR II player to install the game under administrator rights. This is accomplished by inserting the first of three KoTOR II CD’s and finding the directory of the inserted disc. Once there, right click on the “Setup.exe” file, going into the “Properties” sub-menu when available.

From here two steps are required in order to successfully install KoTOR II and have Vista compatibility. Tick the box allowing you to “Run as Administrator” as well as selecting to run the install file in Windows XP or 2000 mode -either can be used. After doing this, run through the entire install, including the other two discs and try to run the game.

Its probable that an error will occur when you try to run the game, although it doesn’t always happen and keep playing with your fingers crossed if it still works, which can be fixed through the download of a DLL file. Called “ms32.dll”, found here, it allows players to get KoTOR II and Vista to work with one another and shouldn’t cause many further problems once installed.

SecuROM With KoTOR II and Vista

Replace the original DLL file with the downloaded one by placing it into the “C:\My Computer>Program Files>Lucas Arts>KoTOR 2” folder or any other similar derivative your currently using. This new DLL file will effectively solve any KoTOR II and Vista compatibility issues; resolving the vast majority of problems currently being encountered.

KoVer 001

Unfortunately there are still errors that can occur and nothing short of contacting the dreaded DRM giant SecuROM directly will likely alleviate this. By emailing their support service, users can forego further problems by receiving a new “KOTOR.exe” file, using it instead of the sans faulty one. After receiving the new executable, subsequently replacing the old one found in the same KOTOR 2 directory specified before, users will need to run the file first as an administrator and then in compatibility mode with Windows XP or 2000.

These steps should resolve any further errors or problems that may arise while trying to use KoTOR II and Vista together. Running the game in this Windows XP or 2000 compatibility mode will likely solve the errors indefinitely, especially when this method is combined with the new executable from SecuROM themselves. Now its time to reminisce in the well designed and contextually deep universe of characters & locations that both Knights of The Old Republic and KoTOR II revel in -on Windows Vista no less.

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