KoTOR on Vista: A Simple Guide On How To Get KoTOR To Play On Vista

KoTOR on Vista: A Simple Guide On How To Get KoTOR To Play On Vista
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A Guide On How To Get KoTOR To Play On Vista

A several years old problem, the question of how to get KoTOR to play on Vista has succeeded in being a hard one to answer fully, with many different problems & supposed solutions being formulated. After the release of Windows Vista in 2007, there came a slew of compatibility grievances and bugs to fix with older games, one of which was Bioware’s acclaimed Knights of The Old Republic.

In this article, we look at the question of KoTOR on Vista and present some of the proposed solutions to the problem, detailing how you can get it to work.

KoTOR On Vista Problems?

There are two main problems with running KoTOR on Vista and this article will try to detail each of them. The first and perhaps easiest problem to solve occurs when a graphics card driver is either out-of-date or is read as such by the game’s hardware scan. To fix this problem, it is first advised to remove all graphics drivers currently installed and find the latest drivers download on the internet.

Once installed, the new drivers should effectively solve the KoTOR on Vista issues, although there may still be concern. Not only can newer nVIDIA drivers be read as not compatible by the game, but even ATI drivers may also encounter the same difficulties, which renders play on Vista impossible without first converting your desktop drivers. A tool to convert those drivers can be found here, although it may impact performance, it will upgrade functionality with a range of OpenGL issues in games.

Furthermore, the drivers concern would also occur if users are trying to get KoTOR to work on a laptop, inherently containing an integrated graphics chip with generic drivers, thus making this problem impossible to solve. Therefore, it is best advised that KoTOR on Vista should only be handled on a desktop PC, as opposed to laptop interface.

Will KoTOR On Vista Work?

The second major problem that springs up when trying to get KoTOR to play on Vista happens when the dreaded DRM SecuROM decides to throw itself into the game playing process. With varying degrees of severity, SecuROM will decide to prevent players from accessing KoTOR on Vista and pop with all kinds of error messages, the eponymous “Conflict With Disc Emulator” being rampant in particular.

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This conflict with KoTOR on Vista and SecuROM can be absolved given a simple contact email, sent to SecuROM’s own support page, in which a response should garner the reticent requirement to get KoTOR to work. This solution will most likely be a new executable file for the game, with which you can replace the original, running the game through the now working exe file.

Its inconvenient and surreptitious that, to run the game on this newer operating system, you have to contact the people who are verifying the legality of your purchased copy itself. However, needs must, and Knights of The Old Republic deserves to be played on any operating system after Windows 98’. With its sprawling Star Wars based universe and superb rendering of relationships, dialogue and its subject matter, KoTOR on Vista is a quest worth taking.

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