Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic 2 Characters & Companion Information

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic 2 Characters & Companion Information
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Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic 2 Characters List

In the mould of many recent western RPG releases, Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 has a plethora or harem of characters for the player to interact and travel across the galaxy with. This article will try and provide a small description of each companion the player will encounter. As this is focused on Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 characters, you may be interested in the KoTOR characters article that was published last month, go here for the first games companion information.

Kreia: Too Morally Grey For Her Own Good?

Kreia, as far as Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 character go, is one of the better mysteries and discolored personae in the game. A blind Jedi Master who survived the 5 years between the Bioware developed game and its Obsidian made sequel, she takes the Jedi Exile (player character) under her tutelage.

Teaching things to the Exile that don’t necessarily reflect the dark/light divide within the setting helps to further her development and give further depth to the surroundings of the Star Wars universe. Although her ultimate betrayal goes against this moral discoloring, it still works as a way to tie up the overarching plot-lines, giving an even greater outlet for the player to fight against.

Atton Rand: One of The Better Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 Characters

KoTOR 002

A former Jedi Hunter who followed Darth Revan during the Mandalorian Wars, Atton Rand is a smuggler/wise-cracking vagabond who finds eventually falls in love with the female Exile during their journey. After finding out about his force-sensitivity while still killing Jedi, he tries to repress it and this leads him to Peragus II, becoming a lowly miner to avoid the Jedi purge currently sweeping the galaxy.

As he and the Exile grow closer, Atton is taught the ways of the force and becomes one of the so-called “Lost Jedi”, helping to rebuild the Jedi Order after the events of Malachor V.

Bao-Dur: Tech Guru With A Dark Past

KoTOR 003

A Zabrak engineer, Bao-Dur is responsible for building the Mass Shadow Generator found on the planet Malachor V, a super-weapon which effectively ended the Mandolorian Wars. His guilt is explored throughout the game, hence his ambitions on Telos and wanting to stop Czerka from destroying the wildlife.

Due to the mass-slaughter caused by the weapon, it created a huge wound in the force that Bao-Dur decides to eradicate, with the help of the Exile during the endgame. Reactivating the weapon and subsequently destroying Malachor V gave both he & the Exile some closure to the issue. Like Atton, he can also learn the ways of the force through the Exile, becoming another of the supposed “Lost Jedi”.

G0-T0: Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 Characters Token Villain

KoTOR 004

A round black droid, or infrastructure planning system for clarity, that runs the criminal organisation known as the Exchange. Surprisingly, “Goto” (the hologram humanoid G0-T0 uses to project himself to people) requests the help of the Jedi Exile in saving the Republic, going against his seemingly malevolent intentions.

During the endgame, G0-T0 modifies Bao-Dur’s remote droid, trying to use it in a bid to keep Malachor V in its current state. Seeing too many artifacts on the planet for plunder, he tries to prevent the Exile and Bao-Dur for re-activating the Mass Shadow Generator, the arrival of HK-47 puts an end to his plans however.

Visas Marr: Mentally Scarred Sith Apprentice

A Miraluka female who became apprentice to Darth Nihilus before her time with the Jedi Exile. Sensing a disturbance in the force, she sought it out and found the Exile aboard the Ebon Hawk, which she infiltrated & subsequently challenged the Exile to a duel.

After being defeated, she joins the party of companions while helping the Exile to continue their Jedi training. She is an instrumental piece of the puzzle to defeating Nihilus, with her bond being severed to momentarily stun the Sith Lord, giving the Exile a chance to defeat him.

Mandalore: One of The Familiar Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 Characters

KoTOR 006

Leader of the Mandalorians, ravaged by the wars of Revan and his Jedi armies, Mandalore has a secret identity that is all but revealed during KoTOR II. He is Canderous Ordo, the bounty hunter and henchmen found on Taris by Revan five years ago in the original KoTOR.

Now sporting a beard under his helmet, he becomes entangled in the Jedi Exile’s story after she lands on Dxun, which plays host to a small camp of Mandalorian warriors. During the course of the game Mandalore tries to recruit further allies to his cause, after being told by Revan to build his Mandalorian forces for the impending threat, known only to Revan.

T3-M4 & HK-47: Two Recurring Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 Characters

The little droid based off the infamous R2-D2. T3-M4 helps the Jedi Exile at the behest of Revan, finding her and subsequently saving her from the clutches of Darth Sion at the beginning of the game. From there T3-M4 helps to navigate the Ebon Hawk, save the Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic 2 characters from perils on Nar Shaddaa and ends up travelling with the Jedi Exile into the Unknown Regions of space to find Revan and the new threat he prophesied.

KoTOR 008

The smooth talking assassin droid, HK-47 was left as a heap of components by Revan on the Ebon Hawk. After successfully piecing him together, HK-47 decides to take it upon himself to rid the galaxy of a newer droid model, known as the HK-50. When he finds the manufacturing plant for these new droids however, he coerces them into helping fight the malevolent advances of G0-T0, in order to help destroy Malachor V.

Mira & Hanharr: Bounty Hunters With A Difference

KoTOR 009

Dependent on alignment, both of these can join the Exile’s stable of Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic 2 characters, with Mira being the light side choice & Hanharr being dark. Mira is a bounty hunter who showcases some rather hypocritical sentiments, such as remorse and kindness, whereas Hanharr is a straight up Wookie villain.

The canonical companion would be Mira, due to the female-light-side Jedi Exile, who is tutored in the ways of the force by the Exile and confronts Hanharr on the planet Malachor V one final time. Hanharr is a true villain, showcasing cold blooded murder, a thirst for death & some choice words on killing.

Disciple & Handmaiden: Tacked On Love Interests?

KoTOR 010

The canonical character choice here is “the Disciple” or Mical as he is known. He becomes a romantic interest for the main character if she decides to indulge him. An intelligent study, Mical theorizes that Revan wanted to help the Galaxy, through pinpoint attacks & tactical malevolence. He was also in cahoots with the Republic commanders, constantly giving them updates on the current situation.

“The Handmaiden” or Brianna as she is known, could be recruited by a Male Jedi Exile, on the polar regions of Telos IV. Being taught in the ways of the force formed a bond between her & the exile, which alluded to a future romantic relationship, even if the game never explicitly made it so.

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