Walkthrough for the Extra Levels in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed- Ultimate Sith Edition

Walkthrough for the Extra Levels in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed- Ultimate Sith Edition
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The Ultimate Sith Edition of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comes with three bonus levels. If you need help beating them then you are in the right place.


Straight ahead you will see a cave. Head into those cave and go straight. There is only one path at this point, so you will not get lost. Continue on this path, killing snow monsters as you go.

Eventually the floor will start to break under you. To move around you will have to jump from ice chunk to ice chunk. You have two choices, left and right. Head right for a holocron, then left to get across the ice field. Watch out for the snowballs that the Yeti will be throwing at you when you reach the last section of the ice flows. If you find them to be annoying just toss your saber at them.

Head straight until you reach a wall with a sheet of ice: it is blocking your path. Break the ice sheet with either your saber or a force push, and head on.

On this path you will see a couple of boulders on the ground. Take a second to stop here. Ahead there will be some stationary shooting droids. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by picking up a boulder here, and throwing it at the droids. Angle it right and you can get two droids with one throw. They sit on diagonal angles. Once you off the droids keep on moving.

You will run into a force field. When this happens, look to your left. You will notice a wall of ice is blocking the generator. Break them both to move through the shield. In the next room kill the soldiers, Then head up the ice steps to the top level. Here you will find a second force field. Follow the glowing cable to the generator. Jam it. The bodies of your enemies work well for this task.

In the next room you will see a broken elevator. Put a crate on it and you will be able to jump up and kill those pesky snipers. Once that is done you should head out the side exit. Force push open the doors at the end of the hall, and you will enter a circular control room. There is a broken elevator in the center of this room. Pull up the platform inside the middle of the elevator. It will go a few feet up. Then head to the back of the elevator. You will notice that it is blasted open in the back. Jump through the cracked hall onto the platform.

Once you are on the platform you will be able to jump up to the second level of this room. Keep pushing you way forward through the waves of rebels. Eventually, you will see the Millennium Falcon. The ship is being blocked by a force field. This field is being generated by not one, but three generators. Luckily, they are all in the same place. You’ll find them on the far left. Head into the room on the left and they should be on front of you. The best way to jam them in with the shuttle craft in this room. As they come out of the shuttle bays behind you, grab them with the force, and shove them into the open generator cases. Just be sure that the cases are still open. They do close after a while. If this happens, lock on with the force and open them.

Luke Skywalker

Once the field is down you get to fight Luke Skywalker twice. Once as a Jedi, and once as a Sith. When he is a Jedi rely on your force powers. Once he is a Sith skillful saber work will save you. Always be ready to block his devastating force lightning.

Jedi Temple

When you jump out of the ship you will land on the platform with the door to the temple. Slaughter all who oppose you, if you are on a harder level this can take some time. Use the force to lift up the two door barriers. Once you enter the temple you will trigger a cut scene. It will show you a glowing door. Head for it. There is really only one obvious path in this level so just press on straight. You will need to kill along the way. Open the only closed door with the force. You find yourself in the training room. Kill the droids that attack you and keep heading forward. Eventually, you will come to a broken bridge. Backout to the last big room before the bridge. Now pick a side, left or right. You’ll find paths on both sides of the room. You need to follow each to its end and use the force to restore the bridge. Once you have followed both of these relatively simple paths come back and use your dashes and jumps to cross. Head forward and watch the cut scene. Now it is time for you to enter the Jedi trials.

The Trials

Replace the path with pieces on the side to pass. Eventually you will come to a platform with a Sith warrior. Hammer him with your saber and don’t worry if the platform falls. That will happen three times in this combat. Be wary of the chunks he begins to toss at you. They do serious damage. Best to jump out of the way. Kill him and the boss fight is over.


Go straight along the ridge. Kill the Jawa’s in your way. You need to move the Sand Crawler out of your path. You can do that with three consecutive force pushes. Now that your path is clear move on. Dash over the gaps in the path, until you get to Jabba’s door. The door is locked, and electronic eye droids keep popping out. Slice off seven of the electronic eyes and the door will open. Kill the guards and talk to Jabba. You will trigger him after you kill the guards. He will toss you into the Rancor pit. Once you are in the Rancor pit kill him with some force lighting and saber work. You can get help from holocrons. They are on the right and left sides of the cave walls, on raised sections. When you look up and see stone jutting out, jump up. There should be a holocron. Lift up the door with the force and enter the viewing area. Kill the guards and slice off the eye droid to get through the next, and every consecutive door you encounter. This will be the way you open any locked door in the level.

You will dead end into a round about. Dash under lightning showers in the hall and open the down elevator. This will lead you to the droid torture room. You can use the force to play with the droids if you want. It does not get you anything, but it is fun. At the end of the room you will find a force field. Yank the top of the generator on the left with the force to take it down. Off the battle droids and head into the garbage masher. Kill everyone and use a half broken droid to fool the big eye into letting your pass. You are now in the incinerator. Dodge the fire shooting from the walls and the slamming doors. Once you leave this area, it is onto two boss fights.

Boba Fett

Use your force powers like lightning to get him both initially, and between his bouts of hiding. When he hides in the distance and shoots at you use his fire to destroy the three generators in the room. Waves of fool soldiers will also need to die. Once they do Boba will come back, and the fight can resume.

Obi Wan Kenobi

This is a Jedi. Save your force powers for blocking attacks and use your saber to kill him. Consistent combos will take him down.


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