Star Wars: the Force Unleashed Tricks, Cheats and Tips for the Nintendo DS

Star Wars: the Force Unleashed Tricks, Cheats and Tips for the Nintendo DS
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A Few Tips for Star Wars: the Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed gives players the chance to use the force that permeates the Star Wars universe Players even get to play Darth Vader at the start of the game. Playing through the game without using cheat codes appeals to honest players, although the cheat codes also allow player to access different in-game effects.

Although the weapons in the game are quite effective, the force powers do more damage and have a longer range than a thrown lighstaber. Using your force powers over you weapons when you have enough force helps you take out opponents more quickly.

The storm troopers that accompany the Dark Lord of the Sith are not effective. Sending the them back to the force helps you by preventing the storm troopers from getting in your way. Don’t be afraid to use extreme punishment on your underlings when they fail you. (You are playing as the Dark Lord of the Sith, after all.)

Entering the Codes

Even the powerful cheat codes do not work unless the player can enter them properly. The Nintendo DS version of The Force Unleashed allows players to select extras and then codes. The game then prompts you to enter a code.

Starwars the Force Unleashed Cheat Codes for the Nintendo DS

A few honest players will find the tips useful and ignore the cheat codes, but people who are not phased by gaining an unfair advantage should read on. Most gamers will want to know how to unlock the Darth Vader character before they learn how to unlock anything else.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed Box

Darth Vader: HRMXRKVEN

General Rahm Kota: MANDALORE

Sith Stalker Armor: CPLZKMZTD

Sith Robes: HOLOCRON

Ceremonial Jedi Robe: CURSEZRUX

Kento’s Robe: WOOKIEE

Amplified Lightaber Damage: LIGHTSABER

Maximum Force Powers: CPLOOLKBF

Infinite Force: VENCVMJZ

The last code benefits players the most out of all the codes listed here. It also makes the game extremely easy, to gain invincibility type QSSPVENXO at the code prompt.

May the Force be with You When It is Unleashed

Force Lightning

You start out playing a character consumed by the Dark Side in The Force Unleashed, but you can pursue redemption. Players can choose between the light side and and the dark side by the actions the take. The actions you take in-game determine whether you remain a member of the Sith or join the ranks of the Jedi. You get to use cool force powers whether you play on the light side or on the dark side. After you finish playing the ground game you can try a flight game like Rogue Squadron.

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