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Star Wars The Force Unleashed II
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Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Review

One of the many great games that have been released for PC is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Many people like this game for its big efforts on effects, but it does lack some things throughout the game play. It does lack a variety of enemies and surroundings. But you still get the feel for the light-saber as you adventure yourself through the game’s storyline with your light saber by your side. Feel the impact as you crush down on the wookies, jawas, and stormtroopers with your light saber. The rich design of the gameplay in the game makes it feel more realistic. Although many people say that the bosses that you are supposef to defeat take a long time to kill. there are those that are too easy to defeat so that should be kept in mind.

Now let’s start with the storyline of the game. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II starts off with a cut scene when Darth Vader is walking through the watery planet, Kamino. And he is hovering over a figure that looks like Starkiller, Darth Vader’s apprentice. But no one knows if it is StarKiller. So the games start with you being in control of his apprentice, Starkiller. You control Starkiller through a intense journey in order to find his only true love, Juno Eclipse. In this sequel, Starkiller comes with amazing and more powerful moves to go complete his goal.

It More Intense Than You Ever Thought

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But this game is more intense than just for him to go on his journey to find his love. Darth Vader wants to get his former apprentice (The reason being that he holds many great powers within him). So when Starkiller is on his journey, he is also being hunted by his former master, just so that Darth Vader can clone Starkiller to make an ultimate Sith Warrior. So when you’re on your journey in the character of Starkiller you battle through many fierce battles and defend yourself from your former master, Darth Vader, with many new powers and forces. In other many Star War games you could not have different options of weapons but in this game you get to have dual lightsabers and torture your enemy with great and new combo moves. Change the difficulty of the game to test your skills with your Star Wars skills.

This game is more updated and has more options than it last sequel, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. This game is a great game and is selling unbelievably fast, so far it has sold millions of copies worldwide. Some people call it great but others call it outstanding and it said to be a must buy for any Star Wars game lovers. So go out and get this game to experience a whole new world of Star Wars action.

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