Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Force Powers

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Force Powers
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is the new video game from LucasArts that bridges the prequels and that of the original trilogy, painting the possibility of Darth Vader having an apprentice in which to help destroy the Jedi and perhaps overthrow the Emporer. The game was released in 2008, with the sequel, The Force Unleashed II being released the next year in 2009.

The game has most of the powers that players associate with the Star Wars universe and has one interesting take - allowing the player to be not only Darth Vader for the beginning, but also having a very dark sided approach as the main objective for the player is the continuation of Order 66. Like other games in the universe, such as Knights of the Old Republic, the character that the player controls can make decisions in which will either align him to that of the galaxy’s savior or that of a new Sith Lord.

This first part of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed guide will explain the various Force players that the player can wield.

The Force Powers

Force Grip – One of the Jedis’ main abilities, the ability to pick up physical objects, including enemies, will serve as your main conduit to the Force as you play the game. The majority of your opponents will be susceptible to being thrown against a wall or over a cliff and as you raise the level of Force Grip you’ll gain the ability to lift multiple objects at the same time.

Force Repulse – Use Force Repulse when in a crowd of enemies, this will push the surrounding men away and deal out significant damage to each man pushed. Raising the level of Force Repulse increases the damage done to each object that is pushed away by the blast of Force.

Force Push – This multi-purpose force is a handy ability for removing objects that are in the path, forcing your way through barriers, and opening sealed doors. Levelling up Force Push will allow you to charge-up this power before using it, which means this power can be used at a greater distance from the object and add damage to the push.

Saber Throw – The Saber Throw is a skill that allows you to throw your lightsaber against shielded objects, armoured units, or at any object, which is an excellent choice in many situations. The key is to throw and keep moving to stay out of the way of any incoming attacks – your lightsaber will come back to your hand automatically when thrown, eliminating any enemy soldiers in its path, during both the throw and return flight. Level-up Saber Throw and you will be able throw your lightsaber faster and directly at the target, like a missile.


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Force Powers & Holocrons

Force Lightning – Force Lightning is a destructive explosion of controlled electricity that will stun larger enemies and droids, but is best not to use on Stormtroopers or similar targets – on these targets use your lightsaber or Force Grip attack for the best effect. Increasing the level of Force Lightning will give you the ability for sustained lightning that will strike multiple targets when they’re close enough together.

Lightning Shield – Using Lightning Shield will surround you with a bubble of electrical energy that shields you from damage and arcs out from the shield to strike nearby targets. Increase the level of Lighting Shield allows the shield to absorb more damage, protecting you even more.

Holocrons – Holocrons are devices scattered throughout the game levels that contain the legend and lore of the Jedi Order or the pure power of the dark side. Finding and picking up any of these Holocrons will provide Starkiller with one of several bonuses.

Jedi Holocrons – You’ll find Force points, Lightsaber Crystals, Force Upgrade Spheres or a new costume to wear inside the Jedi Holocrons. Look on each stage for these handy devices – some sit out in the open, but many are ingeniously hidden from view and you need to take your time and look everywhere to find them. Part 2 of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide will provide you with the location of all the lightsaber and costume holocrons.

Sith Holocrons – These dangerous devices have been infused with the dark powers of the dark side and provide extra power for a short duration of time. You can find a health-draining aura, or unlimited Force energy, and even increased damage when you pick one of these up.

The Force Unleased is available for purchase for either the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, or PC. This guide focuses more on the consoles of the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, though most of the game play for the Nintendo Wii is the same; differences obviously include the use of the Wii remote and nunchuck and there are some differences in training that utilize the remote more than that of the standard console controller.

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