Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Review - Free Star Wars games online

Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Review - Free Star Wars games online
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Clone Wars Adventures Basics (4 out of 5)

While Star Wars the Clone Wars Adventures is a MMO don’t expect The Old Republic here. This game is geared more towards a younger audience or those who like the Clone Wars T.V. series. Players start with an introduction by the characters from the Clone Wars and are given a light saber by Mace Windu. Players are then free to move around the Jedi temple. The game features multiple rooms in the Jedi temple where players can talk to famous Star Wars characters and take mini games from them. All games are also available from the interface screen too. Games include racing, basic target shooting, trivia, light baser combat, tower defense, and trivia challenges while most games are quite easy t a few are actually very good. Players can have their own house for decorating, a pet droid, and a customizable outfit. While players can chat with each other in the game there doesn’t appear to be any multiplayer games currently. This is one of the free Star Wars games online but you can pay for some premier content too.

Jedi Temple (4 out of 5)

Clone Wars

The Jedi Temple is where the game takes place.allowing players the freedom to move around. For example, players can visit the hanger and talk to Anakin Skywalker who will give them a flying game or talk to Obi Wan Kenobi and play a lightsaber game. All games can be accessed from the interface screen too so a player doesn’t have to visit any room but they do give some basic interaction to the game. Players can also enter their own private house from the Jedi temple too.

Mini Games (4 out of 5)

The heart of Clone Wars Adventures is the fun mini games. One of the best games is a tower defense style game called republic defender. Players deploy a series or turrets in progressively harder levels to fend off the droid army and keep the droids from reaching your base. Turrets can be upgraded to be more powerful and sometimes single use items are available such as mines to stop the droid advance. This game can be quite challenging in the higher levels when boss droids attack. Other games include star fighter where you pilot your Jedi ship through waves of droid fighters. The game has speeder bike racing, and some light saber duels as well as a host of other mini games. Players who pay for the premium membership get access to a few more games. Some games such as the lightsaber duels are disappointing since all you do is hit a series of arrow key strokes to score a hit but the games are designed for younger players.

Housing and Droids (4 out of 5)

The game features a house for your character that you can decorate with items you can buy in the store with the credits you get from playing games. Items can be moved around the room with ease to get the look you want and players can invite friends into their houses too. Droids are also available which act like your own pet and can be modified with different attachments. You can also customize your character with different outfits such as a clone trooper.


Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures is a fun MMO game for a younger audience. This game won’t kkep older players entertained for long although you’ll find a few decent mini games to play if that is what you’re looking for. There’s some customization in the game with outfits, droids, and housing. The game is worth playing but it offers a basic MMO experience and can’t be considered a full blown MMO Star Wars game.

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