Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes Walkthrough - The Basics

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes Walkthrough - The Basics
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes came out last October to the delight of padawans everywhere, especially those looking for some good co-op fun. There are a surprisingly small amount of basic tips and techniques that you need to learn in order to complete the game. It turns out, with the Jedi, less is more! This Republic Heroes Walkthrough will teach the basics of using your lightsaber, the force, hijacking enemies, and jumping. I know jumping sounds simple, but a true Jedi can do some amazing things with his or her leaps and bounds.

Republic Heroes Walkthrough - Your Lightsaber and You

Your lightsaber is easily your best option when it comes to close quarters combat. It is practically unbeatable as both an offensive and defensive weapon.

Your lightsaber can make short work of any hostile droids that cross your path in just a few quick swipes. Bosses, while a lot tougher than run of the mill enemies, can still fall victim to your lightsaber. A thrust is the most effective move against bosses, but you’ll have to work your way in close.

If you hold your lightsaber out in front when attacked head on, it becomes an excellent shield. It can be very effective at deflecting blaster fire, as any Star Wars fan can tell you. When enemies are firing at you from outside of your reach, deflect their blaster bolts with your blade and send them hurling back at the attacker.

At a few spots in Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, your lightsaber will also act as a puzzle-solving tool. There are a few terminals in the game that seem to hinder your progress until you jam your blade into them. It may be the Star Wars equivalent of angrily pounding your fist on the radio when your station won’t come in, but it works!

Finally, you’ll be using your lightsaber to “jack” enemy units, like I mentioned above. There’s quite a bit to doing it, so I gave that its own section.

Republic Heroes Walkthrough - Force Waves


What would any Jedi be without the force? Your lightsaber is dandy, but if you want to make it through Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes in one piece you’re going to have to get a grip on your force powers.

The force is great for deflecting projectiles that your lightsaber can’t, such as explosives. You can even push enemies off of ledges.

There are three different force techniques. By simply pressing and releasing the button, you can perform a weak force push. This doesn’t do very much damage, but it’s good for quickly pushing enemies back and buying yourself a second. It’s even better for repeling projectiles, like mentioned above. This latter use comes in handy during boss battles.

By pressing and holding the button, you can charge up and unleash a force blast. This is essentially a stronger, much more effective force push. Even larger enemies will crumple to this one. This is the one you should be using most of the time.

Finally, the force is used for solving puzzles and advancing in certain situations. If there’s a gap in front of you that’s too large to jump over, trying grabbing a chunk of wall and filling it in. You can’t grab anything you want, but in these situations look around for something to interact with.

By mastering your lightsaber and the force, nobody stands a chance against you.

Republic Heroes Walkthrough - Hijacking


While Star Wars is a far cry from Grand Theft Auto, you will do a fair bit of hijacking in this game. You aren’t stealing cars, but instead hijacking enemy droids. Simply double jump towards a target to hop onto it. Once you’re up there, you have three options. You can deal an ultimate, killing blow. You can jump off of it to get more height - this is important for high, out-of-reach items. Or you can take control of it. Whatever you do, decide quickly, or you’ll slip off of the enemy.

Usually, when you comandeer an enemy, it’s for a specific purpose. Many pathways won’t open up to until you clear them with a droid. Yoda will often tell you that you need to hijack a droid to destroy something crucial.

And don’t worry if you accidentally destroy an enemy you needed. In situations where hijacking is required, there will be infinite enemies to help you out.

Republic Heroes Walkthrough - Jumping


I know, jumping is usually simple. But like I said earlier, you’re a Jedi - you’re going to be hopping all over the place, all the time. Plenty of situations will require you to hop up on a skinny ledge, and this will take practice.

Double jumping is always a good idea, because of the way it works in this game. It doesn’t necessarily make you jump further, but rather makes you hone in on your targeting landing spot. I don’t understand it, either. The force works in mysterious ways.

Wall jumps become really important later on. The game will give you opporunities to practice this technique, and make sure you do, as you’ll come across some pretty tricky situations later. The earlier you master wall jumps, the easier the game will be.

May The Force Be With You

Once you’ve got control over your lightsaber, your jumping technique, your hijacking ability, and the force, you should have no trouble breezing through the game.

Once you’re done with that, if you’re unsure of what to play next, let us help you!

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