Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures: Play Star Wars Clone Wars Online Games

Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures: Play Star Wars Clone Wars Online Games
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Republic Defender Basics

Republic Defender is a tower defense style game and one of the many Star Wars Clone Wars online games you will find inside this MMO. The game features several progressively harder levels. Your goal in the game is to keep the droid army away from your base as you construct defensive turrets. Droids will come in waves from the ship towards your base and if too many break through the shield you will lose the game. Along the way you’ll gain access to different turrets and other items and you attempt to hold back the droids. As you win levels you’ll receive points that you can use in the game shop to purchase items for your home, or character. Be sure to listen to the clone commander to get tips as you play through the levels.

First Levels

Clone Wars Adventures

The first couple of levels in Republic Defender are easy to complete. You’ll start with basic laser turrets which you can place in locations around your base using the platforms available. It’s a good idea to place your first turrets near the droid ship to pick off the first waves of droids that come out of it. As you destroy droids you’ll get energy points which you can use to upgrade your turrets. When you have enough energy to spends the upgrade options will become available. You can also use your energy to buy more turrets to place on your platforms. The next turret you’ll gain access to particle beam weapons which load slower but do more damage.

Other Weapons

As you progress through the levels you’ll gain access to different turrets. The next weapon you’ll use is the thermal grenade launcher which has a powerful area attack. The Energy converter will turn destroyed droids into energy so you can build more turrets in a shorter period of time so it’s good to have a few of those on your platforms. Periodically you can pick up single use thermal detonators and mines to deploy against the droid onslaught. Be sure to spread out your turrets so you can catch droids that might get through your early defenses. Continue to upgrade each weapon in your arsenal as you receive energy points to take down all the different droids.


The game features various boss style droids including normal tanks and overpowered tanks. You’ll need upgraded turrets to take these down and good use of things such as mines. They only appear a few times per level and once you take a few down you’ll get used to them and they shouldn’t pose much threat in the early game.

Higher Levels and Conclusion

Once you play through a few levels you’ll need to pay for the rest of them with a Jedi Member subscription. The first few levels will get you a good taste of the game however and it’s quite fun to play. The game is ideal for younger players since seasoned gamers probably won’t get much use out of Clone Wars Adventures.