Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force - Windows PC Game Review

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force - Windows PC Game Review
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Elite Force

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force is a first person shooter made for Windows PC. It was released in 2000 by Activision and is considered one of the best Star Trek themed games made for PC. There is also a PS2 version of this game, but I’ve played it and the quality isn’t quite the same, even though they look identical.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Star Trek

While this is a first person shooter, it does also include some mild puzzle elements that are typical of games like Half-Life and Quake. There’s more to it than just running around shooting Borg. For example, it’s fairly common for you to have to backtrack and find some button to push or some object to shoot in order to open a door. It’s all basic stuff, but still makes the game more than just a shooter, and it gives you the feeling of exploring the locations.

One of the first things you’ll learn about the gameplay is that you can’t just go around blasting the Borg. With some weapons, if you shoot them enough their collective mind will adapt in a way to resist the effects of the bullets. Not only will your weapons then be ineffective, but that collective mind will also have them all come after you. From a gaming standpoint, this can be a little annoying sometimes, but it is an interesting way for the developers to force you into playing the way they intended.

Graphics and Sound (4 out of 5)

Star Trek

The graphics and sound in this game are quite well done, and really help to immerse you into the world of Star Trek: Voyager. It is built off the Quake graphics engine, which is famous for being very clean and efficient in terms of performance, so you get a very nice-looking game that runs well. Unlike the Quake games, which use a lot of brown and gray colors, this game has a very sci-fi look with blues and blacks and greens. Visually, it fits right into the look and feel of the world of Star Trek: Voyager.

In addition to the in-game graphics, a ton of cutscenes help fill in story elements in between levels. This really adds to the atmosphere of making this game a interactive movie. Star Trek fans will be pleased by the authenticity and video gamers will enjoy the effort put forth by the developers to deliver a solid Star Trek gaming experience, of which there have been few very good ones. Additionally, voices of the cast members of the TV show upon which this was based are used to add to the authenticity.

Overall (4 out of 5)

Not only is Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force a great FPS, but it’s also one of the best Star Trek games ever made. This game, as well as its sequel, are definitely worth checking out. The graphics may seem a little dated by today’s standards, but at least now the game will play well on a factory built system without the need for any heavy duty hardware.

Expansion Pack

In 2001, an expansion pack was released for this game. I have not played it yet, but it does include some new features to enhance multiplayer action. It also includes something called ‘Virtual Voyager’ which lets you explore the ship from the Star Trek: Voyager series. From what I’ve read about this expansion pack, most gamers weren’t all that impressed with what it offered.

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