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This first-person shooter is a sequel to Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force I. You play the role of an elite away team that handles the toughest threats in the universe when waves of red shirts just won’t get the job done. You actually don’t spend much time on Voyager, as you escape the Borg in the first mission. You will spend most of your time under Picard’s command shooting aliens and saving the world.

Features (3 out of 5)

There aren’t a ton of features to this first person shooter. You are given a good range of weapons that are basically just Star Trek versions of assault rifles and grenade launchers. You will then have to fight a variety of animals and aliens as you unravel a secret conspiracy that could start a new war.

There are also little puzzles that will take place in the game. You can use your tricorder to fix machines or reroute power in two mini-games that just come down to pressing a few buttons.

The real draw is the variety in the missions though. You will see drastically different environments that take full advantage of the game’s potential. You can be carrying out a rescue mission on an overrun planet in one mission only to have to fight off a boarding attempt on the Enterprise in the next. The missions never really feel stale, even though you are usually just going down a linear path shooting whatever is in your path.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

The graphics are alright for a first-person shooter. The Star Trek aspects are done fairly well, but the game really shows its age. You will not be wowed by the characters or the environments. Everything is just mediocre.

System Requirements (4 out of 5)

It won’t take much of a gaming computer to play Elite Force II. You just need 128 MB of RAM and a 32 MB video card. I was able too play this very well with 1 GB of RAM and an Nvidia MX 420 graphics card. I was also able to run it well on a laptop that wasn’t much more than a word processor, so I don’t think you’ll have any problems.

Overall (3 out of 5)

I think that this game is worth a purchase. It’s just a good bargain game. It isn’t spectacular, so I wouldn’t go to any great lengths to get it. That said, it’s just a fun little shooter. The missions are varied and well done for the most part. It should at least provide about 15 hours of solid entertainment.

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