Spore Review - Creature Stage and Tribal Stage in Spore

Spore Review - Creature Stage and Tribal Stage in Spore
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Creature Stage

Once your spore sprouts legs and heads onto land, the game changes dramatically. You now have a typical 3rd person perspective through which you guide your creature about the planet. Your main goals are to breed, gather, and evolve, and you may accomplish these through violent or diplomatic means. Carnivores eat everything in sight, herbivores are social creatures that make friends, and omnivores do a little of both.

You have frequent opportunities to alter your creature during this stage through a mating ritual you perform with another creature of your species. Something I found humorous about this is that your creature is always the one that lays the new egg - never your mate. New body parts are unlocked by eating or making friends with other creatures and finding bones lying about the planet. The body parts take on even greater importance now than in the cell stage, as they affect things like your health, your movement rate, the special attacks (strike, spit, bite, charge) available to you, and the diplomatic options available to you (sing, pose, dance). The abilities often have ranks as well (1 through 5) so finding better body parts is quite important.

You will move your species' nest a few times, and as you eat or befriend other species your brain will occasionally grow and evolve. If you manage to avoid other carnivores, epic beasts, and (yes!) aliens trying to abduct you, your creature will eventually evolve enough to move onto the Tribal Stage.

This stage is also not terribly long, and can easily be completed in under an hour. If you are a completionist and want every body part it may take a bit longer.

Tribal Stage

The tribal stage could be described as a very basic, very simple Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. You now have a tribe of sentient creatures at your command, and you are the tribe’s leader and shaman. You have only a handful of building types, and your goal is basically to dominate the planet through military or diplomatic means.

You gather meat as a type of currency from the local wildlife (or oceans) and use that to increase the size of your tribe or build structures. Then you sally forth and either conquer or befriend everyone else on the planet. Once you have done that, you once again evolve to a higher stage of the game.

Some reviewers have been critical of the simplicity of this stage. I admit that I personally found the Tribal Stage to be the least engaging, but it is important to keep in mind that the Tribal Stage is not trying to be Civilization or Age of Empires. It is a basic, accessible RTS-like stage that continues the story of your creature. It does this quite effectively.

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