Spore Cheats and Hints

Spore Cheats and Hints
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About Spore


Spore was released by The Sims creator Will Wright in September 2008. This newly termed “MSO” – “massively single-player online game” – allows you to create a cell and follow it through the species evolution. It has very open-ended gameplay and a few expansions, much like The Sims and its sequels.

There are some cheat codes for the PC version of Spore that will give you different items in the game. Spore is a very customizable game, and using these cheat codes will help you discover new things and make the game all you want it to be.

To open the cheat window, start playing the game, then press up CTRL+Shift+C. Type the cheat code into the window and press ENTER to activate the cheat.

Basic Cheats for Spore

These are the most basic cheats in the game.

  • refillMotives – Restores your health and motives.
  • addDNA – This cheat adds 150 DNA points.
  • moreMoney – This gives you a million money units in Space, or 2,000 in Civilization.
  • levels –unlock – This will block a few of the achievements, but it will unlock all of the phases.
  • Killallhints – This will take out all of the hints.
  • prop – This modifies and displays the properties.
  • history – This brings up all the previous commands.
  • help – This lists the console commands.
  • help -full – This gives the extended help for commands.
  • help [command] – This will give the explanation of a command and how it is used.
  • option – This code will list the options.
  • quit – This exits to Windows.
  • clear – This cheat will clear the console window.

Style Filter Cheat Codes

Spore Cell

These cheat codes will toy with the style filter in the game for visual effects.

  • styleFilter -filmNoir – This toggles the background and creatures to be monochrome, but not in cell stage.
  • styleFilter -oilpaint – This toggles the background and creatures to be like an oil painting, but not in cell stage.
  • styleFilter -none – Resets the style Filter back to the normal settings.
  • styleFilter -nextgen – This makes the visual style “next generation."
  • styleFilter -norainbows – This makes the “no rainbows” visual style.
  • styleFilter -microscope – This makes the visual style like a microscope.

Pirate Cheat Codes

These cheat codes will alter how the pirates do your systems.

  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency [number] – This will set the rate that the pirates steal spices from your systems
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency [number] – This will set the rate that the pirates will raid the allies in your systems.
  • universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency [number] – This will set the rate that the pirates will raid your systems.

Miscellaneous Spore Cheat Codes

Spore Civilization

These cheat codes work on the interface, the recharge of mode creation, or the avatars.

  • spaceCreate – This will recharge and unlock all of the Space mode creation tools.
  • movie – This is a video cheat.
  • unlockSuperWeapons – For your civilization type, this will unlock all of the superweapons.
  • blocksmode – After the v1.01 patch, you get blocky creature form.
  • freeCam – You can toggle the free camera mode with this cheat code.
  • evoadvantage – After the v1.01 patch, you can start a new game and begin with any creature from the Sporepedia.
  • freedom [on or off] – This toggles the editor complexity that limites creations that break the limits will not be pollinated.
  • SetTime [1-24],[0-59] – This will be used as a speed multiplier, or to set the time of day at the Avatar’s position.
  • capturePlanetGIF – This will save the GIF image of your spinning planet to the “animatedAvatars” directory.
  • toggleCaptureUI – This will toggle the display of the user interface in the screenshots.
  • pauseUIVisible – This will toggle the drawing pause frame.