Three Popular Spore Mods for a Newer Game

Three Popular Spore Mods for a Newer Game
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Spore Mods and How to Install Them

Any game which allows for modifications – supported by community members who develop the “mods” – can enjoy a considerably longer lifespan due to added content/features not present in its “vanilla” version. Content is still being released for “Spore” – like the recent “Glasses” mod – although some sites (i.e. “sporedum” on wordpress) echo like ghost-towns, broken-links, tumbleweeds and all.

Installing “Spore” mods is a simple affair, much the same as installing mods for the “Sims” since Will Wright designed both games. Mods are all contained in “.package” files and are placed in the data folder for the game, usually in “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data.”

We present to some popular mods for the game which should provide new elements of gameplay for a more enjoyable experience.

Better Spore 1.5.1

Better Spore

Better Spore is considered an overhaul mod since it adds considerable changes to gameplay, makes changes to the game’s economy and provides a wealth of new content. It is a mod created by community users “Ball Lightning,” “Kittani” and some others. The latest available version is 1.5.1.

Some of the important features of Better Spore are:

  1. Increased complexity limits in the game’s editors.
  1. More involved, more complex and longer stages: Creature stage is adjusted requiring more DNA per brain level, Tribal stage has increased health points and starting food and Space Stage allows for increased difficulty, more varied economy and purchase of the Staff of life.

  2. New items and weapons, like Ultra Proton-Missile, Ultra Bomb, Ultra Blaster and Staff of the Apocalypse.

Visit this “Strategy-Informer” page for a comprehensive list of changes.


Platinum Spore

Platinum Spore is still being updated and the mod’s site is still maintained by Vexx32, maker of Platinum Spore and site-owner. It is another overhaul mod but much bigger than Better Spore, with a myriad of additions to various stages, particularly to the creature and space stages. The latest version is 1.8, highly recommended if you want your game to step into the future.

A few of the notable changes include:

  1. Creature stage is longer, 3 additional DNA points when feeding, increased flying speed and less Sea Monster annoyance, increased Jump height, more realistic hunger bar.

  2. Space stage has many changes like more cargo space, halved frequency of pirates/raids/natural disasters, no penalty for Grox-allying, no Galactic-code penalties, one million starting money and tons more!

  3. General changes like new spices, permanent temperature changes, camera tweaks and new turret weapons.

The original forum thread includes all the changes and is still being updated as I write this!

Uber Epic Mod

Uber Epic Mod

This is just a fun mod which allows you to play as an epic creature; it may not be as useful as the previous two but it certainly adds different flavour for the player. An epic creature in the game is much larger, much harder to kill and generally more aggressive on every life-form.

As an epic creature you will start with much more health than normally and could ultimately get as much as five-thousand HP. You also are way more powerful and can kill non-epic creatures with one hit, retaining all the attacks an epic creature has. Other changes include increasing viewing distance and lowering the nest-member amounts.

This mod was created by Nineballfool, which you can either download here or from another fansite. As mentioned the original “Spore” mods site, Sporedum, is no more, so you may want to try both of these locations for this mod, listed as versions 1.0 and 2.1 respectively.

Not compatible with Better Spore.

Enjoy the mods!