Spore Phases: Understand The Game Phases Of Spore

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5 Phases of Spore

In the game, Spore, for PC there are five distinct game phases the player has to pass through. They are:

The Cellular Phase

The first phase of Spore is the Tide Pool, or Cellular phase. The gamer is responsible for single-cell organisms that must avoid being eating by larger animals.

In this elementary phase, the gamer can select whether their cellular organism will eat only meat, only plants, or both meat and plants.

Changing any characteristic in this phase involves spending a “DNA point”. The characteristics that are left at the end of the phase are carried with the organism into the next phase.

The Creature Phase

The next phase is the Creature phase, and the gamer will notice that the graphics is not the simple two-dimensional view seen in the Cellular phase.

In this phase, your creature will be judged under a numerical system for any Abilities, Attacks, or Social friends they acquire or make.

The “Creature” can also collect “DNA points” here by eating other creatures. When the creature increases the amount of intelligence it has, then it will enter the Tribal phase.

The Tribal Phase

Things become more complicated in this phase, as the gamer is now responsible for a tribe of creatures. It is now important to take care of the entire tribe. The tribe members will depend on each other to find food, and fight in combat with other tribes. In this phase, there are five other tribes nearby that the gamer can decide to either attack or become friends with.

There is no need to collect DNA points during this phase, and as the intellect of the tribal creatures grow, their ability to communicate will also grow.

The gamer will not move on to the next phase – Civilization - until his/her tribe has interacted with the other five tribes that are nearby.

The Civilization Phase

In the Civilization phase, the tribe the gamer previously owned has now been created into a small city. The aim of this phase is world domination, and it is up to the gamer to decide how this will occur. The gamer is prompted to select the type of civilization they want to construct. They can choose either a civilization based on religion, economy, or the military.

Thus a city constructed on religion will try to spread its ideas without the use of weapons, whereas a military based civilization will use weapons to dominate. The gamer is not allowed to move to the next phase until it has completely taken over all of the other civilizations on the planet.

The Space Age Phase

The space phase will present with more new challenges. The creature now has to use different tools to travel to another uninhabited planet and colonize it. The gamer has to use the “Staff of Life” in which to make the new world more livable. This can be anything from using a volcanic eruption to enlarging the atmosphere. There are numerous planets in this phase for the player to visit, while they try to protect the planet they have colonized.