Sins of a Solar Empire Cheats -- Invincibility Lacking, but Players Can Gain Edges in Other Ways

Sins of a Solar Empire Cheats -- Invincibility Lacking, but Players Can Gain Edges in Other Ways
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Is There An Invincibility Cheat for Sins of a Solar Empire?

Sins of a Solar Empire boasts of having the largest scope of any real-time strategy game. Considering the game spans multiple star systems, this claim is likely true. There are those of who believe that the game must have a storyline somewhere, if only the people who hold this belief can find it. Whether or not Sins of a Solar Empire has a story line or if it just generates random missions does not really matter to the serious strategy gamer. Skill-challenged players, such as the author of this article, find that the cheats are the most important element of game play that they need to know.

People looking for the equivalent of Starcraft’s power overwhelming cheat should prepare for disappointment. A true invincibility cheat does not exist for Sins of a Solar Empire. There are ways to make star bases nearly invincible, which can amount to the same thing when a player does not face a skilled opponent.

The Vassari do have one ship that can make become invincible during normal game play. The ship’s invincible status lasts for a short time, and it cannot attack enemy ships or aid allied vessels. If you need to escape, phase out the Vassari capital ship and jump to a safer planet.

If you want to achieve a far more limited form of invincibility try putting your smaller ships near a star base. This tactic only works if your opponent likes to play with the options scaled down so far that your opponent cannot see enemy ships attacking his star bases.

Sins of a Solar Empire Cheats Anyone Can Use

The lack of a true invincibility cheat may disappoint some gamers, but there are other ways to gain an edge in Sins of a Solar Empire. The open nature of the game allows a gamer to exploit other empires and steal that empire’s resources. An enterprising player can steal items from competing empires by saving his game and playing as another empire. Gather resources and when you have the extra items you need, enter the diplomacy menu. Send the resources to your original empire and save the second game

Cheats for the Advanced Computer User

sins of a solar empire screenshot

Players can adjust the upgrade options on their home planet by altering a text file that stores values needed for game play. Look in the /Stardock Games/Sins of a Solar Empire/Galaxy directory.

Look for the following strings at the start of the text file. (The author does not remember the exact name of the text file at the moment.)

  • homeplanetupgradelevel: population
  • homeplanetupgradelevel: civilianmodules
  • homeplanetupgradelevel: tacticalmodules
  • homeplanetupgradelevel: home
  • homeplanetupgradelevel: artifactlevel
  • homeplanetupgradelevel: infrastructure

Edit the values on a scale from 1 to 4. The text listed above tells the player which of the home planet upgrade value levels he is choosing to edit. A similar block of text appears in the text file later. The player changes the values in the second block of text.

There is No Stardock Games Invincibility Cheat, but What About Third Party Sources?

sins of a solar empire screenshot 3

You cannot get a direct invincibility cheat for Sins of a Solar Empire, but third-party trainer programs offer invincibility, extra money, and resources. Trainer programs modify the way game files and let a player select resources, planets… and some can grant true invincibility.

Exercise caution when deciding to download any trainer. Such software downloaded from members-only sites are often just as likely to contain malware as ones found on a random website. Run a trainer program through all of the security scans before deciding to use one. Each program has its own options and rule set. Experiment with the options after finding a trusted source to figure out which game play aids and individual player needs.

Popular trusted sites for shareware and freeware may not carry training programs, as game developers go out of their way to discourage the making of cheat programs. Training programs also let you edit the resources you start with, the planets, and several other features that might give you an edge on poorly designed missions or missions that are simply meant to challenge the player.

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