Sins of a Solar Empire

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    • Sins of a Solar Empire: The Grand Guide for a Grand Strategy Game
      When it debuted, Sins of a Solar Empire offered a grand real-time strategy experience unlike any other game. Since then, several expansions have only improved the title. If you'd like the low-down on this high-brow strategy title, look no further.
    • Are the Pirates in Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy Too Strong?
      Pirates in Sins of a Solar Empire can be devastating to an unprepared player. There's no indication of where in your empire they will strike and bidding wars to determine targets can wipe out the treasure. So are they too strong? Should Sins games be played with pirate attacks turned off?
    • Sins Of A Solar Empire Unit Guide: Advent Units
      The Advent were once part of humanity. They were exiled from humanity for their strange beliefs - and then, centuries later, they returned. But it seems exile may not be so bad, as Advent units have many advanced technologies and abilities. Learn to use them, and the Advent fleet becomes formidable.
    • Key Factors in Sins of a Solar Empire: Homeworld Location and Culture Spread
      The depth of Sins of a Solar Empire is exemplified in its economic and culture subsystems. Subtle variables amidst the vicious laser bolts and lethal energy beams that blast between capital ships to be sure, but properly locating your homeworld and uping the spread of your culture are equally key.
    • Sins of a Solar Empire: A Guide to Diplomacy
      The new Diplomacy expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire offers new options for how players can interact with each other. These new options also mean new strategies can be developed for winning the game. This guide covers the new features in the Diplomacy expansion.
    • The Sins of a Solar Empire Add-Ons: Entrenchment and Diplomacy
      Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity includes the base game and the Entrenchment and Diplomacy updates. Together they provide a vast sandbox style arena where TEC, Vasari, and Advent players can attack, fortify, and negotiate their path to ultimate victory. Expansive and pretty, Sins Trinity is epic.
    • Sins Of A Solar Empire Unit Guide: TEC Units
      The Trader Emergency Coalition is the race that mostly closely represents humanity in Sins Of A Solar Empire. Like most "human" races in strategy games, they are designed to be fairly balanced. TEC units tend to be well rounded - but don't think that means they're a master of none.
    • Is there an Invincibility Cheat for Sins of a Solar Empire?
      Stardock Games does not offer an invincibility cheat, but trainer programs might give you the edge you need in Stardock's Real-time strategy game
    • Sins Of A Solar Empire Unit Guide: Vasari Units
      Once masters of the galaxy, the Vasari now are exiles from their own empire. Being the most advanced race in Sins Of A Solar Empire, the Vasari fields some of the most powerful individual units in the game. But those units are costly - so you must be careful about how you use them.
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