Graphical Glitches in Sins of a Solar Empire

Graphical Glitches in Sins of a Solar Empire
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Fun Graphical Glitches

Sins of a Solar Empire offers the largest scope of any real time strategy game. The game received good reviews from gaming critics, but some people found that it failed to deliver on its promises. If a gamer falls into a later camp, he may find more enjoyment out of this RTS by looking at the graphical glitches. Of course, correcting these problems is the goal of most gamers.

Graphical Glitches in Sins of a Solar Empire - Green and Yellow Blurs on the Main Menu

sins of a solar empire screenshot 2

By far the most annoying glitch to encounter occurs right after a player installs the game. Having green and yellow blurs on the main menu is not a fun way to start out the game. Most players who have the latest graphics card and have the latest version of DirectX installed do not experience this graphical glitch. People who do not may experience green and yellow shades that prevent them from reading the options properly. The main menu glitch does not usually affect a person’s ability to play the game. A player can resolve most problems by reinstalling Direct X or making sure his drivers are up to date.

Although not technically one of the graphical glitches in Sins of a Solar Empire, sometimes Sins of a Solar Empire will load up to the graphics screen and then crash to the desktop. This actually occurs in many other games too. A player cannot blame this problem on Microsoft or Stardock, no matter how tempting such a complaint might be. If a graphics card cannot support pixilated shading, it cannot run most hardcore games made in the last several years. Upgrading the graphics card will usually fix the problem.

Exploitable Sins of a Solar Empire Graphics Glitches

Using the term ‘glitch’ to describe this Sins of a Solar Empire cheat is inaccurate. The game is supposed to work in the manner described here. Enemy players sometimes cannot see attacking ships against nearby features of space. Gather all of your ships around your star base when you are defending the system. If the other player has his visuals scaled down far enough that he cannot distinguish the space station from nearby objects in space. This tactic works best with small freighters and if you can see your opponent’s screen while both of you are playing. It may not work well for online matches. It does not make the starbase nor the ships involved invincible, but it can give an attacking fleet an unpleasant surprise if another player does not know the trick.

Overheating Graphics Cards Cause Crashes to the Windows Desktop

Another screenshot that shows no graphical glitches in Sins of Solar Empire, but I think this screenshot might be from Eve Online

Sometimes graphical glitches in Sins of the Solar Empire or other games occur not because of the incorrect version of DirectX or because the computer owner has an older graphics card installed, but because the graphics card overheats. When this happens, the game ends and the Windows desktop appears. Sometimes no other explanation occurs. Fixing this problem can involve dusting off the graphics card, making sure the computer is run in a cooler environment, or in some cases replacing a defective fan. If this problem does not get corrected, it could eventually necessitate the replacement of the graphics card.