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Playboy the Mansion Cheats and Tips

by: Marie ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Step into the shoes of the very first Playboy Hugh Hefner and go back in time as you try to build a magazine empire and pick up girls all at the same time.This article will handle the tips and tricks you might need in your arsenal in order to become the ultimate playboy (Mature Content)

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    Creating the Magazine

    A big essential of the Playboy the Mansion game is the magazine. Every month you'll be required to churn out a high qualitiy magazine, with an essay, an interview, a pictorial, an article, a centerfold and the illustrious cover shot. But how are you supposed to do give out 5 star magazines every month and be able to reach the mega bucks? Well here are some tips and tricks that might help you out.

    First, always check out your monthly demographics. You can access this in your magazine button to check which topics are hot or not for the month. Always pick just one topic at least - this means making sure that every article,interview, pictorial, and essay will have that title demographic in their midst. The better the piece done, the more it'll reach the audience.

    Check the pricing: I know sometimes its better not to bother with these things and usually, that's the case. But if you like to micromanage, then you can adjust the magazine prices and the percentages for ads.

    Picking your Staff - first and foremost, to churn out good materials pick the right staff. Higher ratings means better pay and the more educated or charimsatic they are, the better their outputs. So don't forget to work on their skills by asking them to read, work out, preen in front of the mirror and build relationships.

    Cover Shots and Center Folds - This is one part of the magazine work that you actually have a hands on experience. When your models are photographed, you're the picking the location, the clothing and the poses they make. So be sure to add variety for every magazine. Look out for winks, and raised eyebrows as they improve the quality of your shot

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    On Magazine Contents

    • Interviews and Cover shots - Usually interviews are conducted during parties - or when a guest comes to visit the mansion. So make sure that at every party, you have a writer and a photographer on call every time. Before everything else. have the person you'll interview and the writer build up a relationship. The closer they are, the better the articles. That also applies to you as you need to charm people first before they agree to interviews or photo shoots.
    • Pictorials and Articles - Always make sure that your contents have a universal theme and that your staff have read up quite a bit before sending them out. You can always pick a theme before they write and for writers its best if you're within the area when they work. If you don't like the output, thrash it and ask for a new. Never settle for the mediocre!
    • Essays - It's always best to ask essays from people who are high up in the tiers of the famous. Also, make sure that you have a good relationship with them. Unlike your staff, if you don't like the essay there is no way to make the writer do it again. And aside from that, your contact will be asking for certain fees. So be sure to fork out some dough for quality content!

    With that in mind, its off to the printing press! Remember that expceptional pieces earn you more points that you might want to access the cheats page of the game or to view some concept art! So get cracking and get to work!

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    Throwing Parties

    Parties are very essential in the world of Playboy, here's where you'll create relationships (there are three types we'll get into that later), make other people build relationships, acquire partners, lovers and most importantly - content for your magazine. Remember, you're always on the clock and there's no such thing as just a party! You can have at least 5 and a maximum of 10 people at your parties so remember to set aside a number for your writer, photographer and bunny.

    Location and Theme - Remember to always add spice and variety to your parties. Make sure also to look out for yourself, in terms of fame because if a party is boring or monotonous, guests will reject you and that will hurt! You can throw a party anywhere in the mansion except for the upper levels. So as the game progresses more areas will open up for you.

    Activities - Be sure to always have entertainment ready - a bar, music, television or a hot tub. Anything that seems like it will involve someone spending a lot of time whether alone or with a group is good. If your party is boring people will leave

    Taking out Doors - A good trick lots of players use is deleting doors or trapping guests when they feel like they haven't juiced them for enough information. Having guests tire out has no adverse effect on you so that's really ok.

    Ending Parties - Never ever end a party on your own! This will cause a lot of dissent among your people. However, you can end a party if the only people left are your staff.

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    Relationships and Contacts are essential to the Playboy Mansion. To note, there are three types of relationships one can cultivate in game and that's the casual relationship, business relationship and romantic relationship.

    Casual Relationships - Everything starts with a casual relationship. You'll have a variety of options when engaging with someone to either joke around, swap stories, ask someone about the ex, reveal secrets or inquire about someone's past. Be careful though, if you're not that close to them, a conversation option might actually play negatively to your relationship. However, build up a relationship with someone long enough and you can invite them to your Inner Circle.

    Inner Circle friends can drop by the mansion or attend parties anytime they choose. You can also ask someone to play a game with you.

    Professional Relationship - likewise a professional relationship being with just talking to someone (i.e touching base and business talks) As the conversation progresses, you can discuss the market, share stock tips, question finances, pitch proposals and discuss deals. Sometimes you might need to strike a contract with someone so build a high business relationship first. Also, on occasion you may strike a deal with someone as you enter into business with them. Sometimes they'll flop so be careful with your money.

    Romantic Relationships - Romantic relationships are the ones that take more work. Start with complimenting, flirting, hugging, caressing, kissing and making out with someone you might like. As the relationship progresses, you might get to progress or make out with someone on the couch. Other options include giving someone a massage, going topless and then of course - going all the way.

    When you get someone close enough, you can ask them to be your girlfriend (or eventually break up with them when you no longer need her).

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