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Damnation PC Game Walkthrough -- Part 3 of 4 -- Mesa Verrte

by: sinisterporpoise ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The steampunk game becomes repertitive during the last missions of the game. Fortunately, this also makes it easier for a player to figure out what he needs to do.

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    Welcome to Verra Verte

    Damnation steampunk pc game screenshot If you were hoping for the neat gadgets that comprise this science fiction subgenre, you will be disappointed by Damnation. The fourth mission starts out with another walking path. Follow the path until you come to the bike that helps you get to the elevator quickly. Look down and find the tire tracks on the floor. Follow them.

    You do not get to engage in any nifty gunplay here. Nor does the game give you a break with any barroom brawls which that would be ideal for a Western video game. Follow the tracks until you get to the gate. If Damnation were a different type of game, you would ride the motorcycle through it and not worry about it being closed.

    Open the gate here and ready your guns. Take the high road to get to the buildings in the distance. You can use the sniper rifle. You must use a pistol to eliminate the enemies completely. Travel to an open sewer and go down it. You will see a few white imp-looking things. Ignore them and take the ladder that leads to another walkway in the sewers. Go forward until you come to another door. Open it and man the turret on the other side.

    damnation steampunk pc game screenshot Use the turret to clear as many enemies as possible. If you do this part correctly, you should be able to clear the pathway under the building. Use the the ladder. It takes you up into a building that leads into the governor’s mansion. Go up the ladder. Use the shaman's gift to scout out enemies. Go across the pathway connecting the two buildings. Go into the next building with your guns ablazin’. Don't worry about using subtlety here.

    Enter the governor’s building and jump your way to the governor's location. You will come to the end and encounter a Zelda-like puzzle. Solve the puzzle and go to the governor. What you do with him when you get there is up to you. When you complete the scene, use the zipline to get to the elevator. Use the levers to get to the elevator and find the entrance to the Vera Vertte waterworks area.

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    Verra Verte Waterworks

    damnation steampunk pc game screenshot Go to the boiler. This level does not involve some physics-defying acrobatics with a steam-powered motorcycle.

    You have to find a way to get up up to the platforms. Follow the platforms until you find a way into the sewers. Take out any nearby enemies as needed. The entire section resembles a much more detailed Donkey Kong level, but it does not involve a difficult puzzle. This also makes it easier to navigate than it is to describe.

    Pause before you come to the automaton that guards a metal door. You need to take him out, but your guns are not quite up to this task. Use your mines to take him out. Open the door when the robot dies. Open the door and take out your guns. You may need to find some cover. You should expect to have to heal your party members several times before clearing the room. The enemies on the other side will at least help you replenish your supply of ammunition. Go to the other side and get ready for the boss fight.

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    Damnation Boss Fight: Selena

    damnation steampunk pc game screenshot Selena comes out with a sniper rifle. The cannon comes in handy here, but you do not need it. This is a fight where you must find what cover you can and fire at Selena while she is targeting you. Move quickly and often. Watch the cut scene where she dies. Go up to where she dies and look for the lever. Press it and you your escape route should open.

    If it does not, go up to the next level. Move the statues into the position that the game shows you. Use the exit that opens and get ready for the final mission in Damnation. Grab any ammunition and explosives that you can and get ready to face the cause of the current problems.

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