Damnation PC Game Walkthrough -- The First Steampunk Game on the Computer in a While

Damnation  PC Game Walkthrough -- The First Steampunk Game on the Computer in a While
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Welcome to the Wild, Wild West

Despite the rise of the steampunk genre in literature and to a lesser extent in the movies, it has not yet made its way in a large scale. The most prominent steampunk game released is SquareEnix’s Final Fantasy IX. Bioshock, Children of the Sun, Final Fantasy VII, and the recent Dark Void fall into the steampunk subgenre diesel-punk.

Fans of the Fox Network series The Adventures Brisco County, Jr., or the table-top roleplaying game Deadlands may want to give Damnation a try also. This steampunk western shooter is difficult to get through, but not impossible. This walkthrough will give you the information that you need to know.

Starting Out with Damnation’s First Mission

Watch the cut scene that begins the game. It goes through the basic game controls. If the rest of the cut scene does not make sense, do not worry about it. It has essentially nothing to do with the game itself. When you finally gain control of the characters, run towards the bridge. When you get to the bridge, you find that someone has considerately raised it for you.

Winslow tells you how to lower the bridge. Follow his instructions and note that there is a gap still in the middle. You will need to jump across. How the vehicles on the other side managed to get there is a bit of mystery, but Winslow tells you how to jump across the gap..

Go to the gate. Although you have a large supply of explosives, Winslow plans on saving them for something else. Listen to Winslow explain how to crouch under the fence. Ignore this instruction. The nearby greenhouse has an open window. It is unbroken. Jump into the window if you do not choose to go under the fence.

When you get into the greenhouse, go toward the rope. The rope is attached to a pulley that controls the lift. Go down the lift and enter into your first firefight. Welcome to your first gun fight. An astute observer may notice the shooting aspect takes precedence over the steampunk technology.

Kill the bad guys. (Some of them wear black hats for your convenience.) When the bad guys incapacitate members of your party, run to the wounded party member and heal him. When you have taken the enemies on the floor out, look where your friends are aiming and take out the guy at the top of the stairs.

Another Damnation Cut Scene

damnation box

When you finish the fight, Damnation automatically saves your progress. The game contains very few save points, so try to avoid dying. You will see another cut scene. Winslow performs his act under the Big Top. This happens whether or not Winslow died during the previous combat. Watch Winsow’s act carefully. When he finishes, you must perform the acrobatic feat you just saw.

Follow Winslow’s lead until you come to blocked passage. This location would be another great place to use the explosives that are in your party’s inventory, but Winslow decides the repairing the broken clank near the door is a much better option.

Let Winslow fix the clank. He suggests that you go explore the building, which is a good idea. Familiarize yourself with the layout and when you come back, it is open. Watch the cut scene which details an unpleasant memory of the main character. Return to Winslow and discover that the building seems to be a wrecked train station.

When Winslow says to follow him, take the initiative instead. Explore additional areas of the building until you come to the roof. Now is a good time to let Winslow show you what to do. Follow him until you see two cut screens.

Go find Ramone Zadalgo. He tells you about the world in which you find yourself through another cut scene. When the cut scene ends, you will encounter a bridge that is just cryin’ out for some removin’. Get in the turret, slay some enemies. When you have eliminated as much of the opposition as possible, drop down and place the charges. The bridge explodes, but they have another one in place. You get captured and meet a shaman who gives you a nifty gift that gives you a tactical edge.

Damnation PC Game Mission 2

steampunk pc

Shooter levels have been called missions since before the release of Microsoft’s popular Halo series. The first act of Mission 2 starts out with a cut scene. The player gets to see his first airship, which will likely leave some fans of the genre drooling.

The zeppelin lands in a place called Boomtown. It did not suffer the ravages of the Civil War well. Walk forward until someone reminds you to use a gift giving to you by her brother. Open it and find that you can know look at enemies through walls. The gift the shaman gives you lets you heal and shoot targets remotely. Bullets have long been known for their lethal properties when they come into contact with the human body.

Eliminate the people who are trying to eliminate you. When you clear the area, crawl up and perform some of the amazing acrobatic feats you learned from Winslow. Get to the tunnel and wait for two of your party members to catch up to you. Head forward into the tunnel when they do so.

The tunnel leads to a disused door with a tricky lock. You must hit the open button twice before you can force it open. When you do open the door walk through it. The next area requires you to use the shaman’s gift again. If you approach the next area blindly, you will find yourself on the receiving end of many shotgun shells. The best steampunk and modern scientists have determined that shotgun shells are just as detrimental to your health as bullets are.

Use the shaman’s gift to spy on the enemies. When your attackers have positioned themselves correctly, use your rifle to shoot them in the back of the head. Continue forward until you come to a set of stairs. Use the gift at the bottom of the steps to scout out the enemy location at the top of the stairs. When you have figured this out, eliminate the competition.

Go out to the overhang in the next area eliminate the enemy on the street. You will find a gap and a bridge nearby. If you want to be cinematic, you can shoot them with the pistols. Instead, use the sniper rifle to take out the person before and after the bridge. When the way is clear, travel forward.

Go across the bridge. Feel free to use your amazing acrobatic skills. The designers did not put a steampunk motorcycle here for you to use.

Shooting People on the Spire in Damnation

damnaton screenshot 2

Go to the staircase that leads up the spire on the other side of the bridge. You will not get a chance to perform any acrobatics here. Take out the enemies. The first opponent drops a rail gun and the ammunition for it. Enjoy the weapon upgrades. Walk up the stairs and go to the building on the right. Get the collectible here. Go out onto the ledge and enjoy killing some more enemies. If you are creative, you can find cover from inside the building.

Work your way to the top floors until you find another tunnel. Use the sniper rifle in the tunnel to reduce your risk of being shot You will be able to find your way through the tunnel easily enough. When you get to the end of the path in the tunnel, you will find a factory.

Use the zipline. You will not be able to use all the nifty equipment that lets you take enemies out preemptively. Go down the zipline and go to the other side of the factory door. Find cover and make use of it as you remove the enemies from the system

Jump up on the boiler. The boiler lets you jump to the platforms above.. Jump up until you get to the PA speakers. The PA speakers let you exercise the powers of your sniper rifle effectively. Unfortunately, you took out all the enemies. You need to find a way out of the factory. Adjust your view until you see another platform. Jump onto it and that leads to an elevator. Activate the elevator and take the lift down to a cave. Walk through the cave until you find an opening. There’s a building not to far from here. Jump through the open window and press the lever. Watch the cut scene that serves as the end of Damnation’s Mission 2, Act 1.

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