Walkthrough for The Brink Security Campaign

Walkthrough for The Brink Security Campaign
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The Brink of War: Brink’s Security Campaign Intro

The game begins with a narrator explaining the backstory. After some unspecified disaster, the Ark was created as a floating city, set to house enough people to save the world. Unfortunately, people kept on arriving, more and more, until the once-beautiful city became a trashed slum. Disease and disunity rage through the people, formenting a resistance with the goal of breaking free and exploring, trying to find if there is still life on the rest of the planet. That’s all the backdrop for the mission scenarios to come.

You play the role of an officer of the Security forces, sent in on various missions to stop Chen and his terrorist group. You’re able to select a character and customize him the way you find most effective. Keep in mind that once you start a mission you can change your class and your weapons, but you can’t customize your weapon attachments, change your body type, or change your perks. Read on for our guide to the Brink Security campaign!

Day 1: Hostage Rescue - The Ark Welcomes Visitors

Chen has kidnapped one of the Founders, and has injected him with a neurotoxin that will kill him if you can’t rescue him and get him to medical treatment. Your mission is to break into the Aquarium, rescue the prisoner, and get him out.

Objective 1: Blow Open the Door

Security 2

For this first objective you need to be a soldier. Assuming you’re just starting the game for the first time, you’ll be in a Medium class body, giving you the balance between speed and durability you need to wield almost any weapon. You also start off with a decent assault rifle. You’re given some introduction to the game but not much; the enemies are bots whose intelligence grows as you experience the game and become better.

The door isn’t very far away and is lightly guarded. This being the first objective, the enemies have some distance to go to get back to the door to try to undo the damage you do, so it’s a fairly easy time to get up to the door, plant the HE Charge, and defend it until it explodes.

Onjective 2: Escort the Prisoner

The prisoner is a very slow-moving target and can go down fairly easily. If you play as a medic, you can revive the prisoner when he goes down, but it’s not entirely necessary; chances are one of your bot teammates will handle it. Being the primary mission objective, he’s top priority for the bots. To keep him moving, you need to be right near him, or at least have a teammate near him. If he’s alone, he won’t move. At least he won’t move back.

Security 3

The first snag is when you come to the big open bar room just a short distance away from where you freed the prisoner. The enemies cluster there and have a lot of cover from which to fire at you, and you don’t have a lot of space to get around them. Even so, it’s still the first mission, so it won’t be very hard.

As the prisoner walks, be sure to watch out for mines placed in your path. Enemy engineers can place them. If you’re looking for achievements, step on one but don’t step off it; a bot should come by to disarm it, and you should get one of the achievements.

Side Objective: Repair the Lift

This one you need to be an Engineer for, to repair the lift generator. It’s not essential, and you probably won’t even need to do it to win the map; the lift is just a shortcut. Still, sticking near it and repairing it nets you another achievement.

Day 3: Smash and Grab

One of the terrorists you captured in the previous mission was Chen’s number 2 man, and informs you that he’s been using an old airport termnal as a base of operations. You need to bust in, obtain some information, and get out.

Objective 1: Hack the Mainframe

Security 4

For this first objective you need to get down into a small glass-enclosed room and hack the mainframe. This can only be done as an Operative. Don’t worry too much; as with any mission in solo mode, if you aren’t the class necessary to complete the objective, someone else will be. In this case you need to be careful; placing a hack box is easy, and hacking is somewhat easy (though it takes a long time) but if your squad gets wiped out, it’s a matter of only a few moments for an enemy engineer to sweep in and remove your hack box, resetting all your progress.

If you want to escort the Operative instead of play one yourself, you might find the best option is the Engineer. Turrets and mines help a lot for defending the few small entryways to the room with the hackable mainframe.

Objective 2: Crack the Safe

Security 5

For this objective you need to be an Engineer. The objective is in a large open room so you want to make sure you have your squad with you and keep everyone covered, because it’s quite easy to die on the way to the objective or die while you’re cutting into the safe. At least as an Engineer you can place turrets to give yourself a little cover and not have to rely on the bot AI.

If you can get to the safe, the objective is easy enough. While it takes a long time to cut through the safe, your progress can’t be undone. The worst possibility would be if your whole team gets routed and the whole enemy team takes up defensive positions multiple times. Your biggest enemy is the timer.

Objective 3: Retrieve the Data

Security 6

This is the hardest part of the mission, hands down. If you’ve unlocked a Light body type, this mission would be where to use it. You need to grab the data briefcase from the safe and run it all the way back to where you started the mission, and quickly plant it in your terminal. The trouble is, the enemies are arrayed between the safe and your objective, and often they will camp the objective itself. You need to be good with your gun and quick on your feet.

The hard part comes when you or whoever is carrying the data dies. If you die, you drop the briefcase. If a teammate picks it up, they can keep running it to the objective, but if an enemy grabs it, it goes all the way back to the safe. Expect at least once to die right neat the objective, even halfway through the retrieval, and have to do it all again.

This mission doesn’t have any side objectives, unless you count capturing command posts, but every mission has those.

Day 4: Dirty Bomb

The intel suggests that Chen has a bioweapons lab in the Container City. You can’t just bomb it from the air, because the viral bomb would kill too many people. You need to go in with a maintenance bot to cut into the lab the hard way, get the sample of the bioweapon, and get out with it.

Objective 1: Destroy the Gate

Security 7

The gate is only a few meters away from your spawn point, and you need to be a Soldier to destroy it. For the most part, an AI will be able to blow it up in moments, as long as you’re able to help defend. The majority of this mission is escorting the bot through to the area it needs to cut. The gate will fall in minutes.

Objective 2: Escort the Bot

Escorting the bot can be as easy or as hard as you make it. The enemies will be all over the place and they will have height and terrain advantages over you. If you try to stick right next to the bot, you’re going to be under constant fire and you’re going to die a lot. On the other hand, if you’re climbing over the sides you can ambush the enemies, but you won’t be able to quickly repair the bot and keep it moving by staying near it. Just keep pushing, only staying for a medic if there’s one close when you’re down, and kill as many enemies as you can.

Objective 3: Repair the Crane

Security 8

Once you’ve escorted the bot far enough, your mission shifts and now you need to repair the crane in order to lift the bot over a gap in the ground. This is another Engineer mission, which makes it seem like the early game favors Engineers, though that’s only as true as you make it by dumping points into skills for them. Honestly, the hardest objectives seem to be Operative ones, so you may be better off saving points for them. The crane isn’t too hard to fix; it’s high up and pretty well defendable, so you shouldn’t even need to be revived. Once you repair the crane, it’s back to escorting the bot for a little while longer.

Objective 4: Deliver the Sample

Delivering the sample is just like in the previous mission, where you need to deliver the data. Only, in this case, you don’t have to go ALL the way back to the start, just to an area near the crane. It’s still well guarded, but you can probably push through with minimal issues. It’s easy to die, but you start relatively close, so you’re not stuck running a hundred miles as a heavy to get back to the action.

Side Objectives

Security 9

  • Hack the Side Door
  • Construct the Stairs
  • Destroy Market Barricade

As with all side objectives, these are basically shortcuts and they can be done and re-done over and over as the enemy undoes your progress. The stairs, for example, can be constructed for your use, but then an enemy soldier can come along and blow them up. With a few exceptions in some missions, the side objectives are largely worthless. In some cases, they’re even detrimental, as repeatedly attempting to deal with them will send your AI partners off into the distance and keep them from coming to your aid.

Day 5: Prison Break

Possibly the most fun level so far, you get to do a lot of defense and a lot of killing resistance fighters. They’re trying to break into and out of a prison, and you’re here to stop them. Chen is trying to break into the prison to break out the man you kidnapped in one of the early missions. Kill the prisoner if you must, but don’t let him escape. This is your first defense mission, and if you’re successful at the first Objective, you don’t have to do the others. Defend until time is up.

Objective 1: Defend the Conduit

Security 10

Up above the starting point is a machine gun nest you can build as an Engineer, and it has unlimited ammo with a heat meter. Use it well and you can defend the conduit for most of the timer. If you’re having a hard time aiming too far to the side, you can pull out your own weapons and shoot from there. For the most part, this is where the mission may end.

Objective 2: Defend the Safe

If you failed to defend the conduit, the secondary objective is a safe the enemy has to crack with an Engineer. Stick around there as your own Engineer, plant turrets and mines, and you should be able to stop them here.

Objective 3: Defend the Pass Code

Security 11

If you safe is cracked, you need to defend the pass code. You shouldn’t have to get this far.

Objective 4: Stop the Prisoner

If they’ve managed to get this far, kill the prisoner before he can leave. This is your last chance to win.

There are no side objectives for this mission.

Day 6: Early Launch

Chen has a surface to surface missile pointed at the Founder’s Tower. You need to stop that missile launch at all costs. This is a difficult mission, in part due to the bad AI of bot teammates keeping you from completing the mission objectives yourself. The map is heavily weighted to defense and you have a long way to go to get to the objective when you die, making using a Light body type almost a necessity.

Objective 1: Repair the Crane Controls

Security 12

This one you need to be an engineer for. Thankfully your repair can’t be undone, so you’ll complete this as long as you keep throwing yourself on the crane and sticking until you die. If you move when you’re repairing, you can keep behind cover and try not to be noticed.

Objective 2: Hack the Missile Controls

This is the hard part. The missile controls are far from your spawn, are close to the enemy spawn, and any hack progress you make can be undone by an enemy engineer in half the time it takes you to hack it as an Operative. One way you can try to complete this is to set your main objective to one of the side objectives. The game will think you’re doing the side objective and will dedicate more people to completing the main objective. Then you switch to Operative yourself and help to hack the controls, and hopefully make enough progress that you can win before the enemy undoes everything.

Side Objectives

Security 13

  • Destroy the Main Barricade
  • Destroy the Side Barricade
  • Repair the Crane Controls

All of the side objectives just distract you from the main goal at hand. Unfortunately, if the enemy gets up both barricades, it means your route to the main objective is twice as long, meaning it’s twice as likely your entire progress will be reset. The barricades can be blown apart by a Soldier, and the Crane can be repaired by an Engineer.

Day 8: Fallout

In under one hour, resistance forces are going to sieze control of the reactor and send it into overload, spreading fallout and rendering the entire Ark uninhabitable. The resistance will either kill everyone, or have a fair standard of living across everyone. Chen is going to kill everyone, if you don’t stop him.

Objective 1: Defend the Vent System

Security 14

The “vent system” you need to defend is a pair of control pillars, with several different places enemies can come from. Engineers can place turrets and mines, to stop enemies from accessing the vent system. It’s complicated and intense. For once you might want to switch to a Heavy body type, simply because it makes you harder to kill. Place a turret and mine below and climb to the top to get a good view. The opponents need to hack the vent system, so as an Engineer, you can de-hack the terminal.

Objective 2: Defend the Reactor

This is the secondary defense objective, which you may or may not need to even do, depending on how well you perform on the first set. Same basic deal; defend the point from the enemies. In this case, if you lose, you fail the mission.

Side Objective: Defend the Bridge

Self-explanatory; defend the bridge. It’s not important and is only a distraction for your bot teammates.

Finale and Credits

Security 15

After you complete those missions you can do the What-If missions, which present scenarios for if the Resistance had succeeded instead of failed in a few of your missions. Other than that, this is the main game. Check out the related link for the Resistance missions, or browse on for other guides for other games. Thanks for reading!

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