Project Blackout guide for beginners

Project Blackout guide for beginners
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A Blackout Indeed

Everyone wants to be a pwner in the realm of online first-person shooters. There’s really no point of joining in on the game if your intent is not to open up a can of head-shots and kill-streaks. This beginner’s Project Blackout guide will help you hone your skills in the right areas and learn the maps so that you can unleash a wrath of wins and a fury of envy in your opponents.

There’s a couple of things you’ll need to keep in mind when playing Project Blackout: for one thing you can’t get ammo re-supplies unless you buy it from the cash shop. So if you run out of ammo during a match, you’ll just have to die to replenish your supplies. Also, you cannot pick up other weapons from downed enemies unless you buy the cash shop enabler. I know how lame that sounds but that’s the rules.

Bots, Bots, Bots

_Fighting bots at a train station_

Mercenary Wars and Project Blackout both have a heavy focus on player-vs-environment maps where hot-shot head-shooters can put their skills to the test in cooperative matches against bots. I will, however, have to give the edge to Project Blackout in regards to the maps for the bots since some of them are just unbelievably intense, and cluttered just enough to give gamers a nice sense of emergency.

However, the difference between Mercenary Wars and Project Blackout is that in the latter case you can actually use the bots to help you train to become a better marksman. Given that the bots simulate actual player tendencies (especially on the harder settings), it would be wise to first practice with the bots as much as possible to understand possible player tendencies, as well as ins and outs for sniping, camping, and flanking.

Some stages are designed more tactically than others. The library and the burning hall are good stages that offer very little cover and force players to learn how to aim, snipe and shoot without a lot of maneuverability. The Eastern Crossroads is a good stage to help players learn how to duck, cover, and utilize the environment to an advantage.

Getting Familiarized With The Maps

Learning the layouts

One of the best ways to help familiarize yourself with the maps in Project Blackout are to play through them without the intent of winning. Like with most other beginner guides for MOFPS games here at Bright Hub, the best advice for getting acquainted with the map is to ignore wins and losses at the start of the round and first focus entirely on understanding every nook and cranny.

Some games purposefully are setup where even learning the map doesn’t give you much of an advantage…Alliance of Valiant Arms is a lot like that. However, in Project Blackout finding a good sniping spot, or suppression point, or a chokepoint for short burst firing is absolutely key for attaining victory.

Even though the maps in Project Blackout are usually rather small, suited for a max of maybe 14 players, there are still a lot of tricks and exploits that can be used to a nominal advantage. Many of the stages have alleyways or narrow walkways that can be used to snipe unsuspecting players coming around corners or running out of a spawn point. These are perfect places to camp and rack up a few extra points.

Beware Of The Weapons

Owning the competition with an LMG

Project Blackout has a nice little cache of various weapons that players can use either by spending in-game credits or cash shop points. Take note, though, that the cash shop items are always purchased with limited availability. In other words, much like Combat Arms or S4 League, the weapons in Project Blackout don’t last permanently so you’ll either have to re-buy a favorite weapon after a number of days or stick with the default weapons.

The default weapons are almost entirely useless. The default SMG is especially pointless given its short clip size, horribly inaccurate aim and low damage. The only positive part about the default SMG is using it to complete missions. Other than that there’s really no point in using the SMG. The default assault rifle is pretty much the same as the SMG save for the fact that it does more damage and happens to have a bigger clip size. It’s best to get rid of these weapons and replace them as soon as possible.

The shotgun and LMGs are definitely better weapons to use. Affording them may prove to be a problem but saving up some credits to buy a light machine gun or a shotgun will help out drastically for many of the modes. The shotgun may not be especially useful for the bot matches, but the light machine gun will work well for both bot challenge matches and for player-vs-player bouts.

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