Alliance of Valiant Arms Prison Break Survival Guide, Tips And Hints

Alliance of Valiant Arms Prison Break Survival Guide, Tips And Hints
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Surviving The Prison Break

One of the most popular modes in the free-to-play online shooter game from Redduck and ijji Games, Alliance of Valiant Arms, is the survival Prison Break mode. This mode compliments the game’s fast and furious gameplay style, while moving away from the standard deathmatch and team deathmatch modes that fill out most of the game’s playtime. The Prison Break Survival is similar to an arena mode where players are forced to work together and tactically survive as long as they can against increasingly difficult opponents and bosses.

This Alliance of Valiant Arms Prison Break Survival guide will help newbies get into the game and hit the ground running without slowing down other teammates or making some common mistakes that newbs often make when engaging in the survival mode.

Your Weapon Of Choice

Watching each other’s back

Despite some players dictating to others what weapon is suitable for the Prison Break survival, the only thing you need to keep in mind with your weapon selection is your affinity with the weapon. Most weapons in any class will work well so long as you moderate when you reload and ensure that you pick your shots and time your shots (depending on the gun).

Unlike Left 4 Dead or Karma Operation Barbarossa, surviving in Alliance of Valiant Arms is a lot harder due to the prison yard’s small area of maneuverability and the lack of proper cover spots. Hence, you’ll need to practice running and gunning (literally) and getting good at taking headshots while on the move. Short-range automatic weapons work well for players who stay on the move, while sniper rifles are excellent if you can manage to find a good spot to take down bosses. Alternatively, rifles are all-around good weapons for survival.

PointMan Tactics For Surviving

Hiding in a corner

While it’s possible to make it quite far in any character class in the game, there’s still the issue of knowing how to survive with that class. For the Pointman you’ll need to pick-and-shoot your targets considering that the Pointman weapons consist mostly of sub-machine guns and close-range rifles, such as shotguns. If you’re using an SMG then just remember to take advantage of the three-round burst shots for taking down opponents quickly and efficiently without throwing away a lot of ammo. For those of you who prefer shotguns, just remember that you should wait until you have a clear shot and the enemy is close enough so that you can take them out in a single shot. Shotguns are good and bad for this mode only because you need to master reloading (usually doing so after every kill), otherwise if you continuously fire in a clutter of prisoners you could find yourself in a tight bind once your ammo runs dry.

Rifleman Tactics For Surviving

Picking them off from atop a car

Things are a little different for Rifleman in comparison to the Pointman. As pointed out in the Alliance of Valiant Arms beginner guide, the Rifleman is an all-around class that has access to primary weapons with a fair range and moderate clip sizes. The highlight of the Rifleman is being able to pick off opponents quickly with one or two well placed shots, or switching to full auto and laying waste to a horde of foes. The only tactic you’ll need to keep in mind for surviving with a Rifleman is remembering to use single shots for opponents at a distance and switching to the automatic fire when the prisoners get in close for the kill. The FAMAS and the M4 are excellent weapons for this mode.

Sniper Tactics For Surviving

Gettinng hit from behind

When playing as a Sniper in Prison Break Survival, things can get a little hairy due to the short clip size of most sniper rifles, as well as the relatively inconvenient manner in which sniper rifles must be used in such a fast paced mode. However, moving to the northwest corner of the map makes for a great place to camp and snipe off incoming prisoners, so long as you have backup from a Pointman or Rifleman. The Sniper class is also great for the higher level waves where the bosses start appearing. One thing to do is to use the sidearm frequently until the boss arrives and then switch over to the sniper rifle to take down the harder opponents.

Teamwork Tactics

Waiting for the horde to arrive

While an individual player can effectively be an army of one, it’s nothing compared to a group of players who utilize team tactics and work as an army of four. Protecting the Sniper as he picks off enemies from a distance using a Pointman or a Rifleman can help the team last a long time. Of course, the most important piece of advice is to not forget to pick up health and ammo drops to replenish supplies.

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