Alliance of Valiant Arms Lockdown Guide

Alliance of Valiant Arms Lockdown Guide
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Trapped In A Lockdown

The latest patch for Alliance of Valiant Arms after the Prison Break campaign, is called Lockdown. The new episode features a number of additions to the game, including new weapons, new maps and new cooperative modes that will push player’s skills to the limit. Much like the Prison Break survival mode, the Riot mode for Lockdown sees players taking on a crowd-control type task where it’s necessary to survive wave after wave of increasingly difficult prisoners. This Alliance of Valiant Arms Lockdown guide will point out a few things to help you get through the scenarios quickly and efficiently, without ending up losing.

These Aren’t Zombies

Prisoner gets shot while trying to stab a player

Oftentimes players will boot up a game of A.V.A, load in a co-op map and then automatically assume that this is just another round of Modern Warfare 2 zombies or Left 4 Dead. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The prisoners in Lockdown mode of A.V.A are a vicious group that take no prisoners (pun intended). They run at you and aim to encircle you and your teammates, mostly using melee weapons. On the harder settings their main focus is on blocking off routes to maneuver, which can prove difficult to overcome if you and your teammates don’t brace for their aggressiveness.

The only way to survive is to keep your distance, watch your back and work together as a team. The best way to accomplish this is to stay alert and pay attention to a few things that happen within the Riot mission, namely the flashing lights and alarms.

When The Alarm Blares The Freaks Come Out

Reloading while strafing

First heading into the Riot mode for Lockdown, most players might assume the prisoners just run out from any which way, attacking like madmen and aiming to put you and your team six feet under. However, there’s actually a trick in their method of madness.

Before every wave of bad guys come piling out of the cells, the warning alarms and lights will go off at the designated cell block that will release the group of prisoners. Watch for the lights to see which cell block will open. The lights will flash right above the pair of cells that will open next. It’s also possible to start shooting at them before the doors fling open.

Pacing For The Waves

Using a pistol between reloads

There are a series of waves containing standard soldiers at first. Eventually more dangerous prisoners will be released. On the easier setting there are a total of five waves. At the end of each wave there are a series of tough bosses that will emerge from the top of the cellblock. The bosses have some dangerous weapons in tow that can ultimately hurt the team if proper precautions aren’t made. Nevertheless, for handling the mobs you’ll want to stay in the appropriate area according to the weapon you’re using.

For riflemen it’s probably best to stay on the first floor near the center so that you have a nice wide view of the riot area. This will enable those with a rifle to pick off prisoners on either floor and at a distance, which is what the rifle class is best used for. If you’re playing as a pointman then getting close and taking down multiple opponents is probably your best bet. Staying up on the second floor isn’t a bad idea either, as it bottlenecks the prisoners, giving you easy targets without having to readjust your aim by much.

Battling The Bosses

Scratch one violent prisoner

As mentioned in the previous section, there will be boss fights throughout the end of each wave leading up to the final showdown. In order to defeat these guys it’s not going to be a simple walk through the park, no matter what difficulty setting you have it on. Some of them will simply charge at you while others will fire heavy ordinance at you and your team. Keep an eye out for the grenades that they’ll throw in your general direction, which can easily knock out your efforts if you aren’t paying attention. The best option is to pepper them with short bursts, or if you have a reliable sidearm to use it for getting headshots. Alternatively, you can lead them up to the second floor where it’s easier to pick them off.

Hints And Tips For Surviving

Locked down

If you’re not keen on grabbing headshots per every shot you make, don’t worry. Just stick and move by hitting a few inmates and then moving to a safe spot to reload or find more viable targets. Unlike Operation 7 or Mercenary Wars there are no places to camp for long range shots, so just be sure to use both floors to your advantage…constantly moving to the floor that’s less occupied in order to get your bearings.

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