Alliance of Valiant Arms Prison Break Rescue Walkthrough

Alliance of Valiant Arms Prison Break Rescue Walkthrough
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Heading Into Prison

For gamers who have been patient with ijji Games in waiting for new content and add-ons for Alliance of Valiant Arms, the reward was a string of new maps, missions and cooperative content that extends the replay values of the game greatly. One of the new modes for the game includes an extension on the Prison Break campaign, including a run-and-gun mode where up to 5 players can cooperatively blast through the corridors of the prison hospital to rescue a trapped soldier named Eva. This Alliance of Valiant Arms Prison Break Rescue walkthrough will guide you through getting through each floor and making it to the helipad with your team intact and your objective in tow for a successful run.

Prisoners, Not Zombies

Prisoners…not zombies

This mode is just as difficult as the Prison Break survival mode. The only difference is that the prisoners are either coming at you from front or back through corridors while you attempt to complete objectives and progress to the next section. The main thing to take into account is that since the prisoners aren’t zombies from Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil, they don’t waddle around after you or slowly approach you from wherever they come from. They run fast. They hit hard. And sometimes they shoot with a purpose. Just remember to stay close to teammates and designate who needs to activate the switches in each scenario and who needs to watch that person’s back, otherwise chaos will ensue and it’ll be very hard to complete the scenario.

Run And Gun…Run And Gun

Find the right time to reload

I think the term “run and gun” couldn’t be put to better use than with the Rescue portion of the Prison Break campaign in AVA, yes I’m sure many people use this term to aptly describe the skill-less multiplayer in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, but the term is a constant variable in the Prison Break rescue mission of AVA. It’s an insane scenario that requires quick timing and fast reflexes.The first segment sees you running through the floors as the hospital catches fire. There are a total of 14 floors. Yes, 14 floors that must be completed. Players can blast through each floor pretty quickly, and the entire thing can be aced with just a little teamwork and skill. Just remember at every turn to keep moving (when you can) and only stop shooting to reload.

1F – 5F

Heading upstairs

These floors are pretty easy. The beginning sees you navigating through the tight corridors taking on low-level prisoners. Just blast through and head up the stairs. If you’re unsure where to go (even though each level is quite linear) just pull up the map to see where you need to get to. Once you get past floor 1 you’ll need to activate the controller to open up the passage to the next floors. This is located in a room swarming with prisoners on floor 2. After activating the switch make your way to the elevator by passing through more corridors and wiping out prisoners along the way.

5F – 10F

Watch out for the debris

Things start getting a little bit hairy after coming off the first elevator ride, as the game sends players through a few hazardous scenarios, including some stop-and-go segments where you’ll have to wait for a firewall to open up in order to get through to the next segment while fire crowds up the hallways.

Simply stay near the firewalls while the fire spreads and keep the prisoners from getting too close by taking turns blasting them down. Since you don’t have a lot of room in this segment remember to keep reloading to avoid getting trapped and caught off guard.

When you get to floor 8 you’ll need to activate more controllers in order to progress through the next segment. Simply appoint a few people to wipe out the prisoners while two people head through the dark segment to reach the controller. Hold off the prisoners while the operator is activated and then proceed to the next segment by taking the elevator.

10F – 14F

Cluttered hallways can be dangerous

You’re nearing the end of the journey. After taking the next elevator you’ll need to follow the corridors and take out any prisoners along the way. Most of the trailing leading up to the 14th floor will just be running and gunning. At the end of floor 13 there will be another operator switch and a light boss battle before it’s required to activate another switch further down the corridors.

You’ll take the stairwell up to floor 14 where you’ll need to push through several hallways of some tough prisoners before finally reaching Eva.

To The Rooftop: Helicopter Haven

Heading to meet Eva

The final segment can be kind of tough because you need to clear the way for Eva before reaching the rooftop. Keep Eva between the group and ensure that there is a pointman in front along with a rifleman to gun down any of the prisoners attacking from the front and have a few people standing guard around her in the rear for attacking prisoners from behind.

Follow the pathway up to the final stairwell that leads to the rooftop. Here, you can take position and wait for the helicopter to come in, only after securing the tower and fighting off another boss. It’s probably best to leave a soldier with Eva while the others handle the tough stuff.

Once the helicopter lands secure the landing zone and escort Eva to the helicopter. That’s it, you’re all done.

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