Left 4 Dead PC Commands and Cheats: Find Help to Improve Your Skills in Left 4 Dead Zombie FPS

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Don’t Be Left For Dead

Left 4 Dead is a frantic horror-themed first-person shooter where you team up with three other friends to survive the zombie apocalypse. If you’ve never played it or are on the fence about picking it up, read the extensive Brighthub Left 4 Dead review.

If you’re having trouble keeping yourself and your merry band of survivors alive, we have some helpful Left 4 Dead cheats that should make your day a little easier.

Left 4 Dead Console Commands

Console commands are pretty common in PC gaming and offer a simple way to modify the gaming experience, usually with fun and creative results.

Here are the steps:

1.  At the main menu of the game, go to options and enable the developer’s console.

2.  In game, press the “~” key to access the console and then type “Sv_Cheats 1” and hit enter.

This will enable the Left 4 Dead cheats, at which time you can enter any of the following codes that are broken out by Health and Ammo and Controlling the Undead.

Health and Ammo

If you find yourself dying too often or desperately need to beef up your arsenal, then these are the codes for you. You can even turn off all friendly fire, so that your computer controlled teammates can’t shoot you on accident. Like I mentioned above, input any of these codes into the console and hit enter to activate them.

god - Makes you invincible

sv_infinite_ammo 1 - Gives you infinite ammo

give pistol - Gives you a second pistol

give ammo - Loads you up with full ammo

z_spawn weapon_SMG - Arms you with the SMG

give hunting_rifle - Gives you the hunting rifle

give health - Fully restores your health

give autoshotgun - Gives you the auto shotgun

give pain_pills - Gives you pain pills

give rifle - Arms you with the Mk 47 assualt rifle

give pipe_bomb - Gives you a pipe bomb

give propanetank - Gives you a propane tank

give oxygentank - Gives you an oxygen tank, which acts similar to a propane tank

give gascan - Gives you a gascan, yet another flammable item to carry around!

give molotov - Arms you with a molotov cocktail

give first_aid_kit - Gives you a first aid kit

sb_friendlyfire (1/0) - Control whether or not bots do friendly fire damage

Controlling the Undead

You could always go a different route, where instead of outfitting yourself to be more capable, you modify the zombie apocalypse to make it easier to handle. With the codes below, you toggle zombie health, turn off rushing mobs, or get rid of zombies altogether. You can also spawn additional zombies and special infected if you’re looking for more of a challenge.

z_spawn mob - This will spawn a zombie horde

z_spawn (special infected) - Enter tank, smoker, hunter, or boomer in the brackets to spawn that special infected in your crosshairs

z_health - Allows you to toggle zombie health

z_common_limit - This sets the maximum amount of regular zombies

director_force_panic - Sets off a panic event, in which zombies rush you

z_speed - Toggle zombie speed

z_spawn zombie - Spawn a single zombie

tongue_range (#) - Put in a number to set the smoker’s tongue attack range. Default is 750.

director_stop - Turns off all wondering and rushing zombies, as well as specials and bosses

director_no_mobs (1/0) - Turns off mob rushes

z_tank_health (#) - Input a number to set the maximum health of the Tank


Some codes simply exist for fun with no direct effect on gameplay. If you type “thirdperson” into the console and hit enter, the camera will position itself behind your character for a third person view. If you want to change back to the default view, use the code “firstperson.”

There’s a lot of potential here in these Left 4 Dead console commands, so experiment with all of the additional settings until you create a gaming experience that is perfect for you.