The Best Free Online Martial Arts Games

The Best Free Online Martial Arts Games
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Best Martial Arts Games Online

Playing Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and Muay Thai online is a great way to know more about different martial arts techniques. There are many free online martial arts games that integrate ancient martial art forms and pack them into an action online game. No, we are not talking about the Street Fighters and the Mortal Kombats, but hard-to-find online games that are based on fighting arts and don’t involve special supernatural powers or exaggerated display of martial arts. Here are some of the best no-nonsense martial arts online games that present your favorite fighting art technique.

Pencak Silat

Inspired by an ancient Indonesian martial art game, Pencak Silat is all about winning the International tournament. You will have to defeat all your opponents to win the championship title. The objective is to knock out or toss your opponents out of the ring. You will have to press the arrow keys to move your character and space bar to make a combination of Pencak Silat attack moves to defeat your opponent. Remember that the moves are chained into a combo and hence you will have to press the space bar multiple times to achieve multiple attack moves.

The plain 2D visuals in Pencak Silat may not appeal to many people, but the smooth animation for every attack move is perfectly executed. The background music is reminiscent of Southeast Asian classical music. Overall, the Pencak Silat is a nice martial arts-themed game.

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MMA Training Ground

MMA Training Ground - One of the Best Free Online Martial Arts Games

Along with professional wrestling and boxing, Mixed Martial Arts is a popular professional competition held in the United States of America. It integrates a variety of martial art types, such as Karate, Kick Boxing, and Jiu Jitsu. Contestants are also trained in takedowns, submission holds and other techniques.

MMA Training Ground integrates all these techniques in an action-packed online game. You will have to undergo a training session with your trainer and learn various attack moves like low kicks, high kicks, submissions and takedowns by pressing multiple keys. Pressing the key combo, along with the right distance renders the attack as successful. Once you have unlocked various moves, you can then compete against your opponents the national championship to win the title. This online game’s training mode is a great way to learn attack moves, which you can use against your opponent online. While MMA Training Ground is a short game, it is one of the best free online martial arts games available on the Internet right now.

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Kung Fu Fighter

Kung Fu Fighter

Kung Fu Fighter is a nice arcade-like fighting game that combines all Kung Fu moves to give you the taste of this ancient Chinese martial art technique. The fun part of the game is that all the 2D characters resemble the actors of the popular Kung Fu Hustle movie. Well, you can expect some fun moves as well.

In every level, the game will reveal a special move to vanquish your opponent. The special move will be a combination of Punch (A key) or Kick (S key) and any of the arrow keys. The game’s difficulty level is hard and may be quite challenging to many gamers. Right timing and right key combos are necessary in fend off an attack move.

Kung Fu Fighter has nice cartoony 2D visuals and excellent sound effects. The game’s suitable for kids and can be a great online pastime for martial arts video game fans.

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Martial Tricks

Martial Tricks

This online game tests your reflexes and focus through a training session. In Martial Tricks, players step into the shoes of a young martial arts apprentice who learns the core concepts of Kung Fun under his master. As a martial arts apprentice, you will have to follow a series of quick time events to perform the right Kung Fu action. The quick time event will show the arrow key sign and you will have to press that arrow key quickly without fail. If you miss the event multiple times, then you will have to play that level again.

Martial Tricks is known for its out-of-the-box visuals. All you can see is shadows of your character and the Kung Fu master with a wonderful backdrop. Watching the shadow characters performing Kung Fu moves is a treat to watch. The smooth animation and execution is perfect and the sound effects blend with the moves. With superb graphics and a different approach, Martial Tricks is one of the best free online martial arts games on the Internet.

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