The Best Runescape Tips For Everything

The Best Runescape Tips For Everything
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The World’s Leader In Runescape Tips

Brighthub is the world’s leader in definitive Runescape tips. Runescape has been around since January 2001 and the contributors of Brighthub have published some of the best Runescape tips created over the past decade of shared experience with the game. The

definitive Runescape tips here on Brighthub are as varied as they are numerous. How to get to level 99, how to get rich, and how to perform some of the basics of the game like birdsnaring are just a few of the many great Runescape tips here on Brighthub.

The Best Runescape Tips For Bird Snaring

For anyone that is new to Runescape or that hasn’t played in a long time and wants to start over, Runescape Hunting Guide: Bird

bird snare

Snaring is a collection of Runescape Tips you can’t afford to miss. The Runescape tips in this article explain what you need to bird snare, where to get them, and what the level restrictions are on bird snaring.There are various different birds to snare throughout Runescape and these Runescape tips show you each type of bird available for snaring and where they are located at. You can also find out if there are any extra uses for the feathers you will get with these Runescape tips. The article wraps up with a clear and concise method of how to actually catch a bird using a bird snare.

The Best Runescape Tips For Pitfall Trapping

Once a new user learns some basic Runescape tips like birdsnaring it is only natural to want to “up your game” and what better way to than hunting for bigger game? Once you obtain Hunter level 31 you should take a look at the great Runescape tips in Runescape Hunting Guide: Pitfall Trapping. The Runescape tips here start out with a list of what you need to successfully pitfall trap and a description of where and why you need each item. After this you’ll read Runescape tips for how to set a perfect pitfall trap. Learning how to do a pitfall trap with the greatest chance of success is useless if you don’t know what or where to trap, but there are also Runescape tips telling you what the best beasts to trap are and where to find them.

Level 99 Magic

At some point the great tips that got you through the beginning stages of the game just won’t be enough and you’ll want to be the best in Runescape. For many of the 130 million registered accounts magic is a favorite part of the game. If you want to be the best in Runescape you’ll have to get to 99 Magic and that can be quite a daunting task. Brighthub has you covered yet again with 99 Magic Guide: The Runescape Magic Guide from 1-99 Mage to Get 99 Magic Fast. This quide details three different ways to get to 99 magic relatively fast. Unfortunately to do any of these three paths you need to be already pretty well into the world of Runescape, but If you’re atleast at 55 magic you can use these different methods to be the best in Runescape. The guide will gives some hints on how to get to 55 magic effectively in case you are not there yet and then explains how the pest control minigame, the high alchemy spell, and the ancient magic spells cna all effectively get you to 99 magic.

Getting Rich With Steel

While getting to 99 magic or 99 slayer is a good way to be the best in runescape its not the only thing you’ll need to do. If you really want to be the bets in Runescape you’ll need to get rich and quick, or atleast as quick as you can. Brighthub brings you one of the best methods of reaching Runescape financial lucrativity with Runescape Steel Smelting Tips. While there are many different ways to train your smithing up to the appropriate level its best to do it all yourself if you’re concerned with the money making. This guide recommends


you do the mining yourself and gives a breif overview of where a good place to build up your stockpile for smelting materials. The guide also mentions the benefits for anyone trying to be the best in runescape with high magic: if you’re at a high enough level you dont have ot go to a furnace and can just train your smithing and magic at the same time by smelting with your magic.

Getting Rich With Slayer

If smelting isn’t your thing brighthub also offers other ways to get rich and be the best in runescape. The Runescape Slayer Guide: Make Money While Leveling 1-99 shows you not only how to get to slayer 99 but how to make a ton of money on the way. This guide gives you some basic tips on training to slayer 99, teaches you how to get the best drops off your monsters, and tells you the three best monsters that will make you the most money and get you on the fasttrack to be the best in Runescape.