The Rs Guide to Clan KBD Killing in Runescape

The Rs Guide to Clan KBD Killing in Runescape
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The requirements for killing the King Black Dragon are very basic. All you really need to have is good range skills and about 100k to buy supplies and armor. Obviously, you can get better levels and items, but this is meant to be a basic, cheap Runescape guide to earn some extra cash with your Rs clan, while also having the chance to earn a share of around 16 million gb from a visage drop.

Armor and Supplies

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There are two sets of armor that are on the cheap. One is full black dragon hide armor. This will provide a great good range attack bonus, while protecting from some of the attacks dealt by the KBD. To complete this set of armor, you will need to get either a Helm of Netiznot, if you received it from the quest, or just get a snakeskin bandana to boost your range. The other armor you can choose to wear is full ranger void. This is free and even better than black dragon hide; however, it does take quite some time to get it from the Pest Control minigame.

Other items you will have to get are either climbing, dragon, or snakeskin boots, an Ava’s Accumulator, a rune crossbow, Diamond (e) bolts, an anti-dragon shield, and an amulet of glory or an amulet of fury.

For supplies, you can keep it very simple. Get 2-3 ranging potions, 2-3 anti-fire potions, a teleport tab to Varrock, and the rest of your inventory should be good food, like monkfish or sharks. You can get better food if you want, but many people think it would just be a waste of money to get anything more expensive.

Fighting KBD

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When you are fighting the King Black Dragon, you don’t really have to worry too much about dying if you remember to bring anti-fire potions and your anti-dragon shield, because it won’t hit you too badly. The most important thing to worry about is getting too close to the KBD simply because it can still melee attack you, and you don’t have good melee protecting armor on. All you have to do to avoid this situation is to spread your clan out around the KBD. If you have only 2 players going, have one on each side and stay a good distance away. Then all you have to do is attack it, watch your health, and pick up your loot!

Since you are so far away from your other clan members, go into clan chat to talk so you don’t have to run everywhere. Visages are pretty rare, but I have known some people to get 3-4 per month, and they only go an hour or two a day! With every drop, whoever hits the most will always get dragon bones and a black dragon hide, and there are many other drops like rune items as well.

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