Runescape Guide to the Skill of Summoning

Runescape Guide to the Skill of Summoning
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In the free mmo game of Runescape, Summoning is the skill you will be leveling up to get different creatures “summoned” to you in the game. These creatures can help in battles, help in other skill areas, or used in other varieties of game play. Summoning is also a member’s only skill, so those that are on the F2P (free to play) accounts aren’t going to be able to access it. This Runscape guide to summoning is meant as an overview and is not fully in depth about all aspects of the skill, a task that would require many different articles.

How To Summon

Summoning takes summoning points, a charm, spirit shards, material objects, and a pouch of the creature that you want to summon. There are higher level pouches, lower level pouches, the materials you’ll need to create them, charms, and other things that you will need, thankfully its all found on the web. Taking all those ingredients to an obelisk will make the pouch, after clicking the item of “infuse pouch” while at the altar.

Pets and Familiars

Pets are bought or hunted to keep. These are going to be able to be kept forever, barring death or you dismissing the creature. There are many different pets that you can get in the game of RS. None of the pets require summoning points. A familiar however are temporary creatures that you summon. Summoning a familiar is as easy as clicking on the pouch of the creature you want to summon. These familiars will require summoning points. Familiars will tell you how much time they have in existence remaining. Keep in mind that there are some areas that you are going to be unable to summon a creature.



You are able to summon with scrolls as well. These scrolls are all named and a certain pouch is required. All scrolls have special moves as well and use a set amount of summoning points. There are lower level and higher levels scrolls available in the game, and these scrolls work nearly the same. With a scroll and a pouch, you’ll be able to summon that particular familiar to do your bidding.

How to Get Summoning Materials

There are many different items that you are going to need in the skill of Summoning in Runescape. Most of these items come from other skills that you can level up. Some can come from the Grand Exchange and through purchasing. Some of the items also can be drops through killing various creatures throughout the land. Know what your summoning items need and start a collection early on and keep them safe in the bank until you need them. Careful planning, and not waiting until you want to summon a creature to get the materials it needs, can save you time and cash.

Summoning is a very interesting skill where you can get pets, raise familiars to fight with you or help you in certain areas of the map, or even just give you cool spells for a short while. There are many things in the game that you can find that will help you boost your summoning level. Keep a sharp eye out and have fun leveling this newest skill in RS, and take note that there are many different Runescape guides on summoning on the web, check all of them out if you are wanting the most complete knowledge of the skill.

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