Racedriver GRID Tracks Listing & Simple Guide

Racedriver GRID Tracks Listing & Simple Guide
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A Guide To Racedriver GRID Tracks

There is often a need to find solid information on the games you play or perhaps are close to purchasing. This information can often be gleaned from the game’s manual or better yet across the internet. In this instance, players may require a listing of the Racedriver GRID tracks or cars, in order to get the lowdown on how many & which races are in the game.

This article will look to provide both a listing of the Racedriver GRID tracks while also containing the addition of a guide to each of the three main locales. The aim is to provide an overview of the layout or track conditions on some of the more notable locations. Read on for the full listing with some insightful analysis when required.

Europe’s Racedriver GRID Tracks

An initial total of fifteen Racedriver GRID tracks, comprising of races in Europe, Japan and the USA are found in the game. Within these fifteen tracks are multiple variations or reversed races which adds to the longevity of each location. Europe is given precedence insofar as choices with seven separate stages as opposed to the four of both Japan or the US. This is due to the reliance on European tracks in the Touring Cars multiplayer mode -which is still heavily populated.

Europe’s seven tracks include Jarama, Milan, Spa, Nurburgring, Donington, Le Mans & Istanbul. With the exception of Donington and Le Mans, the tracks can be found in the Euro Touring Cars online mode & share some similarities, such as a sharp first corner or competitive chicane’s. The European circuits will often have tight corners built around open land & invariably the player will find a lap time closer to the one minute mark on these tracks. As they are the most played tracks in the game, it is worth investing some time learning the specifics of the five choice tracks.

The Racedriver GRID Tracks of America & Japan

GRID 005

The fours Japanese based tracks are found in Shibuya, Okutama, Mount Haruna & the Yokohama Docks. This selection of Racedriver GRID tracks focuses on two main types of racing; Drifting & Touge. The former discipline is one familiar to most race fans, having also appeared in racing titles like Project Gotham or Forza, while Touge is a head-to-head battle down a straight, rally-inspired circuit. Unfortunately these Touge races are unavailable online and as such are an acquired single player niche.

The USA based tracks are found in some contemporary locations including Long Beach, Detroit, Washington & San Francisco. American tracks will often deal with muscle cars or even extend to the touring car centric Chevrolet Lacetti. Also, the choices available are all street-circuits, focusing on daytime as opposed to the Japanese night races. The urban setting means that tight corners and luxurious hairpin’s are found throughout the tracks. Adding to this, they often play very fast, with the background often accentuating the speed you’re travelling at.

Extra Modes With Additional Race Driver GRID Tracks

These aren’t all the Racedriver GRID tracks in the game. As mentioned, the Touge discipline offers one-off rally inspired runs, with a few separate tracks providing some depth to the game mode. On top of this the offline & online Destruction Derby mode allows players the option of two different tracks to crash into each other on. Anyways, hopefully you now have the necessary information on all the available Racedriver GRID tracks, getting a slight insight into the thematic & practical design of these circuits.