GRID for DS: Is This The Best DS Racing Game Out There Today or Does The Hype Fall Short?

GRID for DS: Is This The Best DS Racing Game Out There Today or Does The Hype Fall Short?
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GRID DS Overview

After coming to the Xbox 360 and Ps3, GRID the video game has finally come to the Nintendo DS. The gaming style in GRID DS has changed with a new interface, and with that brings new challenges. Codemasters has brillianty utilized the unique controls without making them feel tacked on. Players of the console versions will feel able to experience the same rush, at a smaller scale. With several features cut (due to limitations), GRID DS still brings an enjoyable driving experience to the dual screens.

Gameplay in GRID DS (5 out of 5)

GRID DS revolves around gaining reputation (from medals) around the world as you race against other drivers. You aren’t just limited to a regular race as you are able to do time trials, drifting challenges, survival races, and many other interesting gametypes. With that many gametypes, you can never get bored of this DS racing game. Also, the CPU drivers get increasingly difficult as you progress through GRID for the DS. As you make your way around the world, you unlock different cars and medals that make the game even more interesting.

The most important part of GRID DS is the driving itself. GRID DS offers a slightly realistic experience with multiple view angles, which only add to the positives of this DS racing game. It stresses you to use your braking and drifting wisely like in real life. This makes it harder than other driving simulators, but offers a more satisfying feeling when you nail that turn. These aspects change every so often as each vehicle is made to act differently in this DS racing game. There are plenty of vehicles in GRID DS, with styles that range from your average sports car to the American muscle cars. For those of you who want to buff their vehicles up even more, there is also an upgrade system implemented. These challenge you to reach goals and will help you make driving a little bit easier in GRID DS.

GRID DS: Graphics (4 out of 5)

Graphics are a challenge for DS racing games because of the many different animations cars have to perform. GRID DS runs smoothly with great graphics that show off each car. Turning and drifting works well with no hiccups, which allows you to perfect these skills. While you cannot expect top notch detail in GRID DS since it’s hardware is limited, the style of graphics do well to hide to show off each car. Also, some work was put into showing the damage done when hitting against a wall or barrier. These are shown by flakes of wood or metal coming off the wall and vehicle in GRID DS.

Overall, the graphics in GRID DS are decent enough to show off what the vehicles in this game are supposed to be, along with offering a more realistic driving experience. You can check out some of this detail in the screenshots below from GRID DS.

Images From GRID DS

GRID DS' Track Editor (4 out of 5)

Along with races and other challenges in GRID DS, you can also participate in Blueprint challenges. These scenarios make you a map editor as you use your stylus and other tools to create a map that meets certain goals in this DS racing game. You are allowed to add many different turns and change the scenery to add a background to your chosen track in GRID DS' Track Editor. Along with turns and loops, you can also make slight inclines or declines on the road that change the style up, to create a truly unique DS racing game all your own.

After creating a map in GRID DS, you can always share it with your friends or for other people online to see. This adds another way to keep playing GRID DS. While connected through the wifi with this DS racing game, you are able to download different tracks made by people around the world. You can also download official tracks made by GRID DS if you don’t want to take the risk.

Multiplayer Options in GRID DS (5 out of 5)

Racing was meant to be played with friends. GRID DS allows you to play online or with nearby friends as you challenge them to racing or other fun variations. The maximum amount of people in a GRID DS race is four allowing you to show off your driving skills. This turns out to be a blast because of the fast paced DS racing action. The only complaint is that people have moved on to other games, leaving a rather small amount of people playing online in GRID DS. If you know a bunch of people that have this game, it is easy to start a match and race around wherever you are.


GRID DS delivers what a great DS racing game should do. It offers a lot of variety that adds a ton of replay value, even after you beat the single player campaign. Along with that, you can design tracks that you can share with your friends are race on yourself in GRID DS. WIth interesting graphics and a killer multiplayer, this game is one of the best DS racing games out there today.