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    • Cartoon Boxing on the Wii with Punch-Out!!
      The Wii has been drowned in a deluge of poor quality titles but this revival of the Punch-Out!! franchise bucks the trend. It features beautiful cartoon visuals, terrific animations and characters and some fast, enjoyable gameplay.
    • Punch-Out!! Review for Wii
      Punch-Out!! wallops the Wii with innovative and inventive gameplay, but ultimately lacks the depth to become a true classic. Despite its flaws it provides fun, engaging boxing for newcomers and stalwart Punch-Out fans alike.
    • Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream - Nintendo Wii Virtual Console Review
      Intuitive controls, simple mechanics, and ridiculously addictive gameplay make Punch-Out!! a must-own NES title on the Virtual Console.
    • Punch-Out! Little Mac Defends the Title
      Little Mac has defeated the 13 fighters in the Contender mode of Punch-Out! but he still isn't finished. This article takes you through the Major Circuit and World Circuit of the Title Defense mode of Punch-Out!
    • Punch-Out! Game Guide: Little Mac Heads to the Major Circuit
      The fighters in the Major Circuit of Punch-Out will mix up their shots, add new punches and counter punches as the fight progresses, and throw in a few moves you probably aren't expecting. We'll tell you about each of the fighters Little Mac will be facing and how best to deal with their punches.
    • Punch-Out! Game Guide: Little Mac Steps Onto the World Boxing Stage
      The fighters Little Mac must defeat in the World Circuit of Punch-Out! are the fastest and toughest fighters in the world. He'll have to move fast and counter punch effectively to have a chance. This article contains the information you need to take Little Mac all the way to the world championship.
    • Punch-Out!: The Contender Mode
      This part of the Punch-Out! game guide contains all the information Little Mac needs to make his way through the Minor Circuit of the Contender Mode. In this mode Little Mac has to take care of relatively easy fighters who help him practice the skills he'll need to develop to beat tougher fighters.
    • Punch-Out! Basics
      This article provides you with all the information you need to take Little Mac through the ranks of the fighters in Punch-Out to the championship belt. You'll be facing opponents that start out relatively easy but eventually you'll face opponents that will have you seeing stars and bananas.
    • Punch-Out!: Hint & Tips
      Once Little Mac has defended his World Championship against all the challengers in the Title Defense Mode of Punch-Out!, you unlock Little Mac's Last Stand. This article gives you a little bit of history of Punch-Out! and all the information you need to beat Little Mac's Last Stand.
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