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Punch-Out Tips for the Wii

by: Xbladeinc ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

You are Little Mac, back from 1987. You have to go and recapture your title. Dont fear, though, because these simple tips should help you and not spoil the game one bit. Well... maybe 8- and 16-bits of it!

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    Little Mac is Back!


    You are the same Little Mac that you used to kick butt with back in the day. You must go down the path to defeat the best of the best, Mr.Sandman. He is ready for you, but within a minute, he is down! Then at 2:55 of the second round, you put him away and win the World Championship Belt! You are the best, and then you turn off the NES.

    Later, you find yourself facing the Omega Mr.Sandmanon the Super NES, and he's definitely a workout. However, you soon shake off the rust and become that button masher that you used to be. Regaining all the lost moves of this series can be a pain, but in the new Punch-Out for the Wii, you will soon have a big sense of deja-vu.

    Included in this article are tons of tips that will help you master these goofballs and send them back to the Ice Age!

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    Tips and Tricks

    To all old punchout fans - It's your lucky day!

    The game Punch-Out has the same moves for each Opponent and some new moves, but don't let that fool you. The timing of each move is set off because your in that same view as Super Punch-Out.

    Protective Head Gear:

    If you are having lots of trouble in Punch-Out and your worse than Glass Joe, you can unlock protective head grear by losing 100 matches.

    Recover from a TKO:

    When the animation begins, tap 1 and 2, and you should get to go again.



    Regain Energy:

    • When your opponent is down, become that button masher and smash the heck out of 1 and 2.
    • Drum the Wii Remote and Nunchuck in between each round.
    • Tap the plus and minus to regain health. 
    • Before Doc talks, Tap the minus button and you will get some lotion. This can be used once per fight, and if you do this a lot, you will have a better chance against both Mr. Sandman and the Mystery Opponent.


    What Mystery Opponent???

    Once you complete the Career Mode and Get the World Championship belt, and you will unlock Mac's Last Stand Mode. In this mode, you will need to refight everyone. Lose three times, and you retire, but if you're good enough, you can fight DK. Beat him and he will become unlocked.


    Defeating DK:

    Here are a few quick tricks to help you defeat DK.

    1.When he taunts you, punch him and dodge. He taunts pretty much all the time, so watch out.

    2. He will back up and do a punching front flip. Dodge and hit him

    3. He will sometimes roll. When he does, punch him for a star.

    3. When he smashes the ground, dodge him and uppercut.

    4. If you have some stars saved up, dont use them right away. Make him go down, and as soon as he lunges at you, then use the stars. Repeat these steps and you will win.

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    Easy Knockouts:

    Save up 3 stars. Your opponent has to be down at least once or twice. When his health is very low, punch and use all 3 stars. That should send him packing to the locker room. This works very well because you can send them down once or twice. Then, when the next round starts, and repeat and use your stars

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