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Punch-Out!: Hint & Tips

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Once Little Mac has defended his World Championship against all the challengers in the Title Defense Mode of Punch-Out!, you unlock Little Mac's Last Stand. This article gives you a little bit of history of Punch-Out! and all the information you need to beat Little Mac's Last Stand.

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    Punch-Out for the Wii 

    The original Punch-Out! first entertained gamers in the video arcade shops of decades ago. The arcade Punch-Out! introduced gamers too many of the pugilists featured in the Wii version of Punch-Out! The arcade version also sported some horrendous stereotypes, such as the Italian boxer Pizza Pasta and the Russian Vodka Drunkenski. Vodka Drunkenski was changed to Soda Popinski in the original NES Punch-Out!

    Punch-Out! came home to the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, bearing the title of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! This game featured Mike Tyson as the game's final and toughest boss. Once Nintendo's license to use Tyson's likeness expired, the game was re-released as Punch-Out! The current Wii edition of Punch-Out! most closely resembles this NES original. All of the pugilists in the Wii version, except Mr. Dream, have been given a complete polygonal makeover and returned to the ring on the Wii.

    In 1984, Nintendo released Super Punch-Out! for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This game was a hit, despite having significant game play changes from the original. The line-up of fighters was slightly different, but many of the fighters in the Wii version were present.

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    Last Stand Mode

    Little Mac's Last Stand in Punch-Out 

    Little Mac has defeated all of the challengers for his title in the Title Defense mode of Punch-Out! and now he's ready for another challenge. Fortunately, after beating the Title Defense mode you have unlocked a new mode called "Little Mac's Last Stand". In this mode you'll face-off in the squared circle against random fighters in the difficulty level of the Title Defense mode, until you lose three matches. At this point, Little Mac retires from competitive boxing and you'll be locked out of the Last Stand mode until you start a new career and work your way back to the top. If you manage to defeat one fighter in Last Stand mode, you'll face off against a monkey of a challenger, Donkey Kong! Once you have boxed Donkey Kong, win or lose, you'll be able to revisit the battle in Exhibition mode whenever the feeling moves you.

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    Little Mac Fights Donkey Kong in Punch-Out!

    Little Mac is ready for the biggest monkey on the planet, Donkey Kong 

    Donkey Kong is tired of rescuing kidnapped girl friends from angry plumbers with an attitude. Instead, he has decided to step into the squared circle to become a professional pugilist. Donkey Kong looks like a tough opponent who should be a real challenge to face in the Punch-Out! ring. In fact, he's very good at giving and taking inside the ring and will challenge Little Mac to be even better than before.

    Donkey Kong will spend a lot of time taunting you to try to make you make a mistake he can take advantage of. Similar to Don Flamenco, he'll counter punch you if you try to hit him while he''s taunting you to attack. Unlike Flamenco though, he'll attack normally regardless of what you decide to do during his taunting sessions. Donkey Kong has numerous counter punches that are included just for the situation where you try to hit him while he's taunting you. In addition, Donkey Kong will use two overhead punches that can be dodged, as well as two special attacks where he steps back and either leaps in or rolls toward Little Mac before coming in with a ground pound that can be dodged. Once you knock Donkey Kong down for the first time, he will start adding a second hit to his special attack that's similar to King Hippo in the Title Defence mode. You'll need to dodge the first overhead punch and then duck the sweeping punch immediately afterwards.

    You can beat Donkey Kong if you learn to avoid his attacks. It's possible to defeat him without attacking one of his taunts, but it takes along time to learn how. The only way to get a good combo on him this way is by dodging his counter punches and then throwing jabs. You can get Stars from his taunts, but the timing is really tight. Usually when you try this, he'll dodge and throw a counter punch. You can knock Donkey Kong down with one punch regardless of his stamina you hit him with a Star Punch as he leaps or rolls forward with his special attack. That's it! Good luck playing one of the 5 best Wii games for hardcore fighters, Punch-Out!