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Punch-Out! Game Guide: Little Mac Steps Onto the World Boxing Stage

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The fighters Little Mac must defeat in the World Circuit of Punch-Out! are the fastest and toughest fighters in the world. He'll have to move fast and counter punch effectively to have a chance. This article contains the information you need to take Little Mac all the way to the world championship.

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    Aran Ryan

    Little Mac steps onto the world stage of Punch-Out 

    Aran Ryan is a feisty Irishman and the most mobile fighter Little Mac has faced, so far in Punch-Out! He's always in motion, punches from all angles and has pretty good defense. His record is 18 wins and 10 defeats, with 16 knockouts. This 6 foot one inch fighter is 23 years old and from Dublin, Ireland.

    Ryan starts the fight with three standard attacks and the ability to counter punch. He always starts his combinations from a different position in the ring, Little Mac needs to dodge and then counter punch Ryan to win. Ryan's first punch is an overhead punch from center ring. You can dodge left or right to avoid this punch. When he steps to the far right and hits himself in the head twice, he'll immediately throw a left hook that you should dodge or duck to the right to avoid. When Ryan goes to your left, he'll throw a right hook at you that can be dodged in either direction. Ryan's counter punch is a left uppercut that he throws if you dodge one of his punches and then hit him immediately. This punch has a half second delay, so wait this amount of time before dodging in either direction to avoid this punch. After being knocked down once, Ryan will add a flying headbutt to his assortment of attacks. He'll go back to the ropes and push off of them and leap at you with his head. You can dodge this to either direction.

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    Soda Popinski

    Punch-Out! for the Nintendo Wii 

    Soda Popinski is a Russian fighter from Moscow. This 6 foot 6 inch, 237 lb fighter is 35 years old. Soda Popinski has cola-boosted punches that are by far the fastest Little Mac has faced, so far in Punch-Out! Little Mac has little time in this fight to see the punch coming and get out of the way. In addition, Soda hits very hard and can take Little Mac down with ease.

    Soda begins the fight with three punches that are powerful blows, a left hook and both left and right uppercuts. All of these attacks are very fast and you should dodge to the right to avoid them. Soda will throw three or four uppercuts at you in a row after he gets up from being knocked down, gets hit by a Star Punch or has his bottle knocked away from him when he tries to take a drink. You should dodge in either direction to avoid these punches. Soda also has a very powerful left hook that he'll start using after he gets knocked down for the first time. You can tell when he's about to do this left hook, instead of his regular one, by the different sound that this left hook makes. This attack can't be dodged or counter punched. Instead you have to duck under this punch. Soda also likes to throw this special left hook in sets of three.

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    Bald Bull

    Bald Bull is a returning Punch-Out! veteran that first appeared in the beginning days of the game. His bull charge is a one hit knockdown that you must dodge or learn to counter if you want to beat him. Bald Bull is from Istanbul, Turkey. He stands 6 foot 2 inches tall and weights 298 lbs.

    Bald Bull begins the fight with all of his punches available for use. He has two different jabs, one with either hand, that are always preceded by Bald Bull rolling his fists. His left jab is slightly slower than his right jab, so delay the dodge on this side slightly. Bald Bull is a powerful puncher, which means his jabs are unblockable. He also has a powerful right hook that you can dodge or duck to the left to avoid. He'll sweep his fists up and down a couple of times and then instantly throw this punch. Bald Bull also has a short right uppercut. He'll lean to your left and then immediately throw this uppercut. Dodge or duck to the left to avoid this punch. Lastly, Bald Bull has a Bull Charge that's a running uppercut that will knock Little Mac down if he gets hit by it. Dodge this punch by waiting for the whistling sound to stop and then dodging out of the way.

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    Super Macho Man

    Super Macho Man is a tough fighter for Little Mac 

    Super Macho Man was the reigning champion in Super-Punch-Out! on the SNES. He's the fourth opponent for Little Mac in this version of Punch-Out! but still one of the best fighters in the game.

    Super Macho Man starts the fight with only two punches. He'll crouch to the right to throw a left uppercut with a slight delay, so just wait a little bit before dodging right to avoid it. He's also got a right uppercut that he telegraphs by leaning to the left and saying "Crunch!'. Dodge this punch immediately to the left or right. After you knock him down the fight time, Macho Man gets two new punches. He uses a single spinning clothesline move that's preceded by a stretching noise and him saying "Macho". Just duck to avoid this attack. He'll also begin using a fast right jab, which you can tell is coming because he'll say "Pump it!" You should dodge right or duck under this punch. Lastly, after you knock him down a second time, he'll begin using his signature triple spinning clothesline. He goes into an extravagant show before this he launches this attack. He'll strike several different poses for the cameras and utter the words "Super Macho Man!" Wait until he stop talking and then duck three times to avoid taking one or more damaging hits.

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    Mr. Sandman

    Little Mac fights Mr. Sandman 

    Mr. Sandman is the reigning champion and most challenging fighter in Punch-Out! to defeat. His punches are the most powerful and the fastest in Punch-Out! Little Mac has to bring his best game to the ring to beat Mr. Sandman. Little mac can't withstand more than one or two good blows before he goes down for good.

    Sandman begins the fight with three regular punches and his Dreamland Express special punch. His first attack is an overhead left hook that comes with almost no warning. You need to dodge as soon as you see his left arm begin to come up to avoid this attack. His second punch is an overhand right that has a long delay. Sandman will say "Stand Still" and then bring the rain. Wait until he stops talking and then dodge in either direction. His third punch is a fast right jab. Watch for him to step to your left slightly and then dodge immediately. Once you knock him down the first time, he'll add a left hook to his arsenal. This hook has a delay and he'll say "Night night!" before throwing it. Just dodge left or right to avoid this hook. Lastly, the Dreamland Express is a series of three fast uppercuts. Watch for Sandman to step back before throwing this punch. He'll often lean forward and say "Boo!" just before he throws this punch. Get use to dodging his punches using his taunts as a cue and just keep dodging while you take him out.