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Check Out Punch Out for Wii

by: Gustavo Lequerica-Calvo ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Almost 20 years after the first game of Punch Out appeared on the first Nintendo console, a new game with the same name made its debut on the Wii console in 2009, but the new version is completely different from the previous one even if characters like King Hippo and Glass Joe appear.

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    A Brief Introduction to Punch Out Wii Version

    Probably at first glance you will think that the dynamics of the gameplay has changed but it's not that different from the previous incarnations of Punch Out. There are two controls modes, one that uses the Wii motion controls and the other one mirroring the NES. controls, it doesn't matter which one you choose to fight with as either of them are easy to master.

    The first fight in this version of Punch Out, mirrors the first fight of the NES. It's with Glass Joe, the blonde boxer of the first game. The strategy is quite simple: avoid his jabs and hooks and hit him in the jaw to knock him down. This fight shouldn't be difficult because it will serve as an indirect tutorial for what is going to come. The second fight of the Minor Circuit will be with Baron Von Kaiser; the strategy against Von Kaiser is not difficult, you have wait for his line and then hit his face until he is defeated.

    The third fight is with a new character Disco Kid, but is not difficult either because as his predecessors he only has two set of moves both of which are easy to avoid, his left hook and right jab. To avoid them just follow his movement and when he has his defense down hit him in the jaw and repeat the process to knock him down and win the fight.

    The fourth fight is against a classical character, King Hippo. The strategy is similar as the first game so just make him run out of his stamina so he drops his pants down and punch him in his belly. After a few jaw punches he will be defeated, but beware because he is faster than the first incarnation and he will be fastest in the rematch.

    After you finish with King Hippo you will be facing the Major Circuit.

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    Punch Out Image Gallery

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    Major Circuit

    The first fight in the Major Circuit is against Piston Honda. His moves are quite fast and lethal, and he is only the beginning of your problems because besides his left and right hooks he does an uppercut and much like the NES version and he has his Honda Rush where he jumps in circles and then he hits you with a powerful uppercut three times. The Honda Rush is impossible to avoid all three times so the best strategy to take is to block the punches you can't avoid and counter punch him.

    The second fight in the Major Circuit is against the Bear Hugger, his name tells about his fighting strategy. His power move is the Bear Hug. The only strategy that can be used effectively is to counter his Over Hands and hit him in his weak spots.

    The third fight is against another classical character the Great Tiger, the strategy is similar as the NES version. Pay attention to the direction he takes because that's the direction he is going to attack you. When he is executing the Magic Rush attack pay attention to the details because you can easily confuse the real character with one of the mirages.

    The fourth fight is with another classical character, Don Flamenco. In my opinion this fight can be more annoying than the last fight. The arsenal of Don Flamenco is varied. He has a right delayed uppercut that can be dodge with some practice, also he has a right uppercut, a triple hook (similar as Piston Honda) a delayed left hook, a double clap left jab and a Super Uppercut which is similar to his delayed uppercut, only less delayed. Just follow the pattern because there is no other way. Try to knockdown him three times to defeat him.

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    World Circuit

    The first fight of the World Circuit is against Irish character Aran Ryan. As Don Flamenco he has some tricks up his sleeves, like his power move a Missile Head butt. There is little chance dodging his basic attacks and to attack him directly is nearly impossible, but you can counter him a couple of times to give him some damage. His power move is more difficult to avoid and is not possible to block because he will hurt you if you try to block him. When he use his power move do a right jab to repel him from hurting you.

    The second fight is against another classical character, Soda Popinksi. It's probably the fight that you will lose for the first couple of times. Soda is not difficult but, he's very quick. There is no real trick except to memorize his patterns and counter punch his jab to knock him down.

    The third fight of the World Circuit is against the Bald Bull, his strategy changed a little bit but he is not difficult; try to avoid his Bull Charge or stop him by throwing a jab. Hit him in his jaw and try to win by knock out.

    The fourth fight is with one of the most emblematic character of the Punch Out franchise, Super Macho Man and maybe the easiest fight in the entire game. Like the original counterpart he will use a series of uppercuts to try to decimate your energy bar, after you knock him for the first time he will use a combination of jabs and clotheslines. To put an end to the fight try to dodge them and repeat the process by hitting him to defeat him.

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    Mr. Sandman

    The last fight is with Mr. Sandman. He is a combination of Don Flamenco and Baron Von Kaiser where he has a set of quick and delayed moves just to stop you, but his basic combo is the least of your worries. His power move, the Dreamland Express, is similar to the power move of Don Flamenco but if you are hit by the power move you will be instantly defeated. He says "Dreamland" before he attacks you, but he will try to fool you by saying "Boo" a couple of times before executing his power move. Mr Sandman always throws the same pattern of punches, and you might lose a couple of times before defeating him because you have to memorize his pattern.

    After you defeat Sandman you will see the credits and a supposed ending, but the game doesn't end there. There is a round two with the same characters in which you have to defend your title as the world champion.