5 Imported Sony PSP Games No Gamer Should Ever Go Near: Why You Want to Check Reviews On PSP Games Before You Buy

5 Imported Sony PSP Games No Gamer Should Ever Go Near: Why You Want to Check Reviews On PSP Games Before You Buy
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OMG… Literally

There’s been a lot of games made for the Sony PSP. Some are made here in the USA, but even more are made in foreign countries. As a result there are a lot of foreign video games that don’t get converted into English and so must be bought as Sony PSP games imports. This usually means they cost more, not that they are better than what you can get at home. And sometimes what starts out overseas should stay overseas. As in these 5 imported Sony PSP video games that I just don’t get.

Kamen no Maid Guy: Boyoyon Battle Royale for Sony PSP

Okay, I’m down with a huge guy wearing a maid outfit and taking care of rich kids in Japanese games and cartoons - I watched some of that same anime after all. But, slapping a name on a PSP battle game doesn’t exactly do it. Nor does the graphics in this massively bad Sony PSP game. Somebody serve me some tea already to get the bad taste of this out of my mouth. This is one of those horrible Sony PSP games that you shouldn’t even bother looking at.

Memories Off: Sorekara Again


I get it that seeing bodacious babes as graphics is easier than dealing with women and reality. What I don’t get is why anyone is bothering with it, especially for the Sony PSP. Because it’s based off of an anime (Japanese animation)? Give me a break! And, don’t break your wallet trying to order this one online either as it’s one of those Japanese games that should be left on the shelves overseas.

Space Invaders Extreme for the PSP

Space Invaders Extreme

This is a tough one because I like Space Invaders and there’s been some interesting versions put out on this great game over time (the iPhone version that just appeared, for example). But, there’s too much going on that tries to bring in the ‘hip” new gamers on the Sony PSP. It’s a turn off, trying to put lipstick on a pig as it were. Sorry, no sale.

Frail Skin English Private School. Do just for a moment?

Frail Skin

If you can get past the name, you’re better than me. Does this rent from the “adult” section of the Sony PSP store or what? I’m not even going to try to describe this one. I’m simply going to say that you should never waste any amount of money on this PSP bomb.

To Heart 2 - Really?

To Heart

Again with the girl animes! Actually ToHeart 2 holds a special place in my, er you know - it’s an early title for the genre and gathered in a lot of praise in its day. But nostalgia can take you just so far - especially when it doesn’t come cheap. This is another of those Sony PSP games that you should probably just steer clear of, especially when there are so many other great video games out there for your PSP.

How About Some Better Sony PSP Games?

Ok, so now you have seen the bad Sony PSP games that are out there for import. Let’s take a look at some of the good ones that you can get instead of spending a ton on these horrible video games:

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