PSP Gamers' Unbound Saga Review: Are Violent Video Games Right For Your PSP Adventures?

PSP Gamers' Unbound Saga Review: Are Violent Video Games Right For Your PSP Adventures?
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The Good Parts (3 out of 5)

The artwork included in the cut scenes of Unbound Saga is amazing, the colors are bright and clear and the characters all have a unique look that appeal to the senses in unusual ways. The main character Rick Ajax has a muscular body that makes you think he could kick your butt. Watching him kick and punch his opponents into submission or beat them into a lifeless pile of ragdoll limbs that you can kick around is great fun. Throw women and ninjas into a wall and watch them crumble and beat punks, werewolves, hobos, and commandos just for fun. If you like random, mindless violence that just never ends then this PSP video game is for you.

The Bad Parts (3 out of 5)

The combat of Unbound Saga is mindless entertainment that starts out engaging and satisfying but quickly becomes a dull button-mashing session after the first hour. The opponents you face don’t have enough variety to entertain for long and they all look the same and fight using the same tactics and techniques.

The story line included with Unbound Saga is a chaotic affair that lacks focus because the scenes don’t mesh together into a cohesive story that makes any sense. The concept of a self aware comic book character has unrealized potential but Vogster needs to experiment with it a bit more to find other ways they could use the concept to entertain.

The Game Graphics (3 out of 5)

Unbound Saga has an average and inconsistent graphical presentation that has some really nice environments but most are average at best. The dingy, run-down atmosphere of Toxopolis appeals to the senses but the angular character models and environmental objects lack the detail to match and look out of place when compared to Toxopolis. The animations are smooth and solid and the frame rate was steady throughout this action adventure PSP video game.


Unbound Saga for the PSP

Unbound Saga is a fun game for adults

Sounds in the Game (3 out of 5)

The sound track included with Unbound Saga starts out pretty good, with harsh and unpleasant tunes that are appropriate for the action occurring on the screen. Unfortunately, the music repeats itself far too often and eventually becomes boring to listen to continually. Also, the combat sounds are weak and lack audible power. You’ll throw someone against the wall and hear a mild thud rather than the traditional crunch that entertains and satsifies.

The Story Line (3 out of 5)

In Unbound Saga you play as tough guy comic book character Rick Ajax. A character forced to live a cursed life in which he continually fights for the entertainment of his “Maker”, who becomes aware of his tortured existence and decides he wants to change it. You’ll guide Rick through 10 levels of side-scrolling combat as he journeys to find his “Maker”, so he can tell him of his desire to change his existence. Along the way you’ll team with Lori Machete, another character that you get to play in the game and interact physically with a number of characters who come and go throughout this PSP adventure video game.

Playability (3 out of 5)

Unbound Saga starts out as a very playable game but it doesn’t have the legs to go more than a few rounds before you want to turn it off and play something else. You get to guide Rick through ten levels that only take about four hours to complete, so the $15 price tag seems a little steep.

Many of the levels end abruptly without providing the feeling of a climatic finish that gives you a satisfying sense of completion. At times the game play and action on many of the levels lacks the pace to keep the entertainment flowing. The last battle also lacks any energy; it was boring, anti-climatic and unsatisfying to take part in. You can carry the moves and abilities you have unlocked to future games which is one of the few elements that actually adds playability to this title.

The Final Word (3 out of 5)

Unbound Saga has the old school game play that will entertain gamers who would rather just beat the world into submission. Gamers requiring a little more than just a linear combat experience will find this game boring after a few minutes but casual gamers should enjoy the experience of taking out their frustrations on the citizens of a virtual world.